GMO Risks Discussed – A Heart Felt Thanks to Dr. Oz

Researchers handling genetically modified corn.

Researchers handling Genetically Modified Corn1

I just watched an eye-opening interview recently conducted by Dr. Oz with film maker Jeffrey Smith and Dr. Robin Burnhoft on the potential dangers of genetically modified foods (GMO). In the interest of fairness, Dr. Oz also gave equal time to Martina Newell-McGloughlin, a prominent authority who is pro GMO.

According to Smith and Burnhoft, GMO foods are now being linked to a host of serious chronic diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome and autoimmune disease. They cited disturbing studies in which the feeding of GMO corn to rats led to truly frightening results. These included the development of grotesque protruding reproductive tumors and you can see them in the photos presented. The men were concerned that the effects of these foods on human beings have not been adequately evaluated.

Newell-McGloughlin’s main position was to point out that people have been eating genetically modified foods for hundreds of years with no apparent ill affects.

In my opinion, Newell-McGloughlin failed to present a convincing argument of GMO safety. She equated the hybridization of plants to genetic modification. The weakness of her position, is that, in the past, horticulturalists used related plants to create stronger varieties, not by modifying their genes with those of other species. Genetic modification between completely diverse species, as it is being performed today,  only started in the 1990’s.


Require Government Labeling

GMO foods violate my core principles on what we should be eating and I have counseled against them since their inception. I am now very thankful to Dr. Oz for taking this discussion to a much larger audience. I believe that diets comprised of genetically modified foods may be the greatest threat to our health yet. Dr. Oz presented information that supports the position that our government should require labeling of GMO foods until we are certain that they are safe and I most emphatically agree with this position.  If you want to get or stay healthy, you must be empowered with the information you need to make conscious purchasing decisions. Without long term proof of safety and with so much at stake, you have a right to choose whether to purchase genetically modified food or to choose to avoid it.


If You Choose to Avoid GMO Food

Dr. Oz recommends that, if you want to avoid GMO foods, you purchase or grow your own organic foods whenever possible. I wholeheartedly agree with him. If it is not possible for you to purchase organic food, you  may still want to avoid products or foods which are typically genetically modified. Such foods are often those that contain canola oil, corn, papaya, soy and sugar beets. I would add tomatoes to that group. To reduce exposure to these foods you will also want to avoid fast foods because they typically contain some of these items. To find a more comprehensive list of GMO foods currently being grown and developed in the United States: Click Here.


Take a stand!

Admittedly, the matter of GMO foods is controversial and, depending upon your perspective, complex but it is too important to your health and that of those whose diets you influence to ignore. Whether you know it or not, you are being affected. I encourage you to become familiar with the issue and to take a stand,  at least with your own food choices if not by speaking out. To improve your motivation with some dramatic new insight, check out Dr. Oz’s GMO Videos:

  1. Genetically Modified Foods: Are They Safe? Pt 1
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  3. How to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

To get a picture of what is happening with the adoption of GMO crops in the United States and other countries around the world, you may also find the following of interest:

  • A map showing hectares planted with GMO crops and annual growth in 2004 in countries around the world: Click Here


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