Thieves Robbed- Sweets Feed the Infection

One of my patients came in today for a general check up. We had her fill out our patient communicator form in order to get a better idea on how she felt about her progress. One of the items we ask our patients to comment on is the effectiveness of supplements and essential oils that have been recommended during his/her course of care.  I noticed that this patient had circled a lower number (poor response) relative to the effectiveness of the Thieves therapeutic grade essential oil blend (Young Living) for her condition of Athlete’s Foot. Given that Thieves Oil blend usually receives pretty rave reviews and we wanted to clear the fungal infection, this issue was definitely worth pursuing.

Upon further discussion it became evident that this patient was having much more sugar than had been recommended for her over the past few weeks. Eating sugar is one of the major contributors when it comes to polluting our bodies. Infections, especially fungal forms, love being fed sugar. It was logical that the Thieves oil was having trouble breaking through the super sugar feeding program.

Thieves Oil 3423.jpg_413384375Essential oils are powerful. But why do we expect them to overcome the worse conditions possible, generated by poor lifestyle,  and alleviate a particularly well-established symptom? It is true that sometimes miracles do happen with the essential oils, despite our poor habits. But most of the time truly improving our condition often requires better lifestyle habits as well; so if our habits are poor do we have a right to complain when an oil does not work for us as someone said that it would. Whose responsibility is the lack of result?

Fortunately, this patient shook her head in agreement with the awareness that she needed to seriously cut back on her intake of sugar in order for her fungal growth to better respond to the Thieves oil. I did not need to convince her.

Give your essential oils a chance. Give up most of the sugar, start to exercise, breath properly, develop good bowel elimination, keep a positive attitude, drink pure water and food. When you can do these things you will soon begin to experience the miracles of essential oils.

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