Top 10 Beginning Rebounder Tips

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Over the past year, I’ve discovered the health benefits of rebounding. I’ve since come to love it and I’m excited to now share some of what I’ve learned with you.

This particular video focuses on the act of rebounding itself. See my video entitled “Rebounding for Better Lymphatic Health” for a discussion of associated health benefits.

The purpose of this video is to help my clients and others get started safely, get the most benefit, and generally have a positive rebounding experience. I intend it primarily for those just learning to use a mini tramp. Watch it if you plan to begin rebounding. It is especially important to watch if you are de-conditioned or just beginning to exercise again.

Though not the focus, experienced athletes may still find value here, especially if they are looking for a fun new way to improve endurance and vitality and have yet to try rebounding. Those anxious to move forward will find a reference to materials on taking it to the next level below.

Now for my Top 10 Tips:

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Tip No. 1 - Start Out Slowly
Tip No. 2 - Include Less Obvious Family Members
Tip No. 3 - Allow Sufficient Time After Meals
Tip No. 4 - Begin and End with the Health Bounce
Tip No. 5 - Maintain Proper Posture
Tip No. 6 - Expect Your Balance to be Challenged
Tip No. 8 - Aim for Frequency
Tip No. 9 - Leave It Out
Tip No. 10 - Have Fun

For more tips on rebounding check out the DVD from ReboundAIR and the website.

I wish you safe and effective lymphasizing through the years to come.

Enjoy your rebounder!

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