Walking with Forgiveness, Gratitude, and Grace | slide presentation

Dr. Pat presenting

Sp’Oiled in Oils 2011

Emotions produce chemical changes that can linger in our cells long after our initial experiences end. Positive emotions strengthen not only our spirit but our physiology as well while negative emotions cause us to weaken in more ways than one. Opportunity lies in now proven research demonstrating that we can improve our overall health both by cultivating life enhancing emotional states and by releasing the detrimental effects of negative ones. Of course, this is much easier said than done but thankfully, there are awarenesses, exercises, and tools that can support us with this challenge.

In this presentation, Dr. Pat chooses to highlight three of the most powerful positive emotional experiences available. She enlightens us by augmenting our awareness of our emotional condition and its consequences and she empowers us by identifying specific Young Living essential oil products most relevant to achieving the emotional experience that we desire.

Topics addressed include the following:

  • Identifying emotions in the physical body
  • Linking illness with destructive emotions
  • Ending pain and suffering by releasing destructive emotions
  • Nurturing peace and joy through the affirmation of positive emotions
  • Getting to know Young Living products that support emotional healing and well being

Please enjoy the presentation.

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  1. Thorough presentation, easy-to-understand, and quite beneficial!

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