Dr. Oz and 7-Keto DHEA

I recently viewed Dr. Oz on his television program promoting 7-Keto DHEA as an abdominal weight loss supplement. I was very concerned that he was recommending this to several women on his program who were suffering from general and abdominal weight gain. They were obviously concerned about their conditions and were relying on him for safe, effective advice. I feel Dr. Oz was letting them down. He also was letting down the many individuals in the audience who suffered from the same condition.

7-Keto DHEA is a precursor hormone substance which can indeed increase body metabolism. Research on men is quite positive but research with women is not conclusive. There may be an androgenic (masculizing) effect on a woman when estrogen and/or progesterone levels are low in the body. It may help the woman put on muscle, but it may also cause secondary hair growth, acne, PCOS, excessive libido, increase Fibromyalgia symptoms in some, and cause irritable mood. This is particularly an issue if the woman has had a complete or even a partial hysterectomy or is in menopause. In other words it is a serious supplement which is utilized only after proper laboratory assessment and evaluation of current health status have been done. I did not hear Dr. Oz address the necessity of a proper laboratory assessment before going on such a powerful supplement. My concern is that women will rush to purchase these supplements without adequate knowledge of potential negative side effects that could have a powerful impact on their long term health.

Perhaps Dr. Oz was planning on having someone perform a complete examination with a proper blood work up prior to actually starting these women on the supplements recommended. But the program did not emphasize this. I have been a fan of Dr. Oz since he has brought a healthier approach to lifestyle to the mainstream public. In this case I have to give him a thumbs down! I am concerned that he has not done his homework on this issue! Research that is good for men is not necessarily good for women.

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  1. In 2012 I tried 3 belly fat busting supplements recommend byDr. Oz, CLA, Relora, 7 Ketos with DHEA. I got the first two butit tok me twowo weekto get the7Ketos withDHEA. The first two didn’t bother me,but the 7Ketos with DHEA caused heat in mylower abdomin.Istopped taking all3 right away. Since then I havebeen very hot and weak. I can” do any exercising as I feelhotter and weaker. This has reuined mylife. Ican’do anything that will make me exert myself. I gotochurch buttht is about all. Please isthereanything I can do? No Dr. Naturopathis health person sa they can’t hekome. Who can, I wish Dr.Oz would contact me.

    • I am sorry that this happened to you. You need to not give up and continue to look for a local Naturopath, Registered Nurse, or functional medicine Chiropractor or MD. Such a clinician should be able to run labs on you and help you get back to a better state of health. Please pursue help with your condition so you can heal. My best wishes for your complete recovery.

  2. Hello,

    I am in perimenopause. I did not have a period for 10 months straight. When I started taking 100 mg. of 7-Keto DHEA a day, it brought on a period…and a very heavy one at that! I was convinced that I was soon to enter full menopause, but I believe that the 7-Keto DHEA converted to estrogen, despite the claims that it does not. I have read other testimonies of other women who have experienced similar reactions. I have no intention of returning to the misery and mess of a monthly menstrual cycle. Into the trash my 7-Keto DHEA goes! I truly believe that it DOES convert to estrogen.

    • Lynette says:

      This happened to me too. I took it for about a week consistently. Then I stopped because I forgot or was busy. However. Last week my period came.on and I was like, “What is this?” I missed getting my period. Now I’m wondering if I should just use it periodically.

    • I have had similar results! I have been taking for 3 weeks. At first, I noticed increased energy and mood and then quickly that changed to feeling extremely tired, and then suddenly I started my period way early (i’m 45 and still have monthly cycles). I’ve noticed absolutely zero weight loss but instead I feel drugged and feel like I do when I was pregnant – extremely tired and hungry with no motivation!! This supplement absolutely DOES effect hormones. Whether it actually converts into them is one thing but it does effect the levels in my honest opinion.

    • Nagafa 53 says:

      Hi I’m from the uk I want to try Biovea DHEA my Gp prescribed me an ever old patch it just fell off and did nothing .She then relented and gave me Elle’s duo 1mg and I piled on the weight it’s totally gross .
      The GPS here are uneducated on the menopause .im going back to be referred to a menopause clinic tetesterone is not licensed here and the extra gel she doesn’t want to give me even though it’s in the NICEguidelines .im going to have to fight to get it as my friend has fought and got it .Shall I go on the Biovea DHEA and get some muscle tone ?As I’m going to have at least a two month wait for the menopause clinic

      • I’m sorry that I am unable to make recommendations to you with out examining you. As you can see from other posts, one needs to be working with a clinician who has done extensive work with hormone balancing, and wholistic health. Please see a functional medicine clinician, either naturopath, chiropractor, RN or MD.

    • from my experience clinically – 7Keto definitely converts to Estrogen and also testosterone.

      I still think used appropriately it can help adrenal dysfunction, mood and peri/menopause

  3. Hi Dr Pat. I have taken warning from all this but now don’t know what to do!
    May I ask how to interpret high salivary cortisol and low DHEA, when just previously 3 days total urine cortisol was normal. And so was adrenaline and catecholamines ( both serum tests). Symptomatically I just keep getting more and more wired and tired and fatter round the middle.
    I have high aldosterone and a Tumor on one adrenal, but the doctor doesn’t believe its secretory ( vein sampling) so they’ve left it and give me spironolactone to control BP
    I have very low TSH after a decade of perhaps too much armour thyroid (3 grains) which made me feel better but they didn’t like my t3 levels! I was a case of listening to symptoms not blood tests. I think the TSH axis is broken as it doesn’t respond to T4 dose changes. 0.07 currently. Now I’m on half the equivalent dose of eltroxin and feel terrible. I was going to take a little 7 keto until I read all this. My endocrinologist isn’t persuaded by natural anything. My chiropractor ordered the salivary tests, but I doubt the Endo will be impressed. He will won’t help me get back on natural thyroid to ease my fibromyalgia ( it used to), just offers the rheumatology clinic down the hall. I appreciate his hands are tied.
    As I am deficient in DHEA and making too much cortisol, do you think a little 7keto would be ok, as a trial? Thank you

    • I am so sorry to hear you are having such challenging times with your health!

      If your TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) remains low you may be experiencing low Pituitary function. As you probably know, TSH is from the Pituitary gland. When it is low it can mean that either thyroid hormone is too high OR that the Pituitary itself is functioning at a low level. A Free T4, Free T3 and a TSH, tested at the same blood draw, can determine whether the Pituitary gland is accurately reflecting the success of the thyroid glandular support you are on. This would be a good place to start. (You would not still be experiencing low TSH from the higher levels of Armour if you are no longer on the Armour). If you felt better on the 3 grains of Armour, all 3 of the blood tests recommended above should be done to make sure that the amount of Armour was truly responsible for the low TSH and I presume, the high T3. Was the T3 mentioned Free T3 or Total T3. That would be important. It may have been that the Pituitary gland was not functioning properly. Once this is accurately assessed, the adrenal function could begin to be addressed.

      I would need much more information, than what you have written here, to determine what would be best for you. This information is best derived from a good physical exam and history,and possibly more lab evaluation. I believe you need to work with a functional medicine physician, someone willing to look a little deeper for the source of the imbalances that are occurring in your system. Your case is more complicated and you need to take positive steps gradually, carefully, and safely. I would not recommend taking the 7 Keto when such profound imbalances are currently present in your body’s physiology.

    • Kirsten Klang says:

      Justbso you know, traditional clinics have your thyroid levels too low. Personally, I would listen to my body. There is a raw thyroid extract you can buy online. Thankfully, America still allows supplementation. Our freedoms are being lost so fast!!!

  4. Hi. Very wise advice to recommend labs. In most cases, labs are spot on but keep in mind that the values are derived from averages of sick people. I had all my hormone levels tested after menopause and was told I was “normal” except for my triglycerides and cholesterol.. I didn’t feel normal though. I have since fired my previous doctor and see another doctor who evaluates me by symptoms and physical examination. I now take 60 mg Armour for hypothyroid and 5mg dhea (3 days on 2 days) for my adrenal fatigue. If I get a pimple, I know it’s time for a dhea holiday. (I will stop for a week and my fatigue and symptoms return)No more afternoon naps and I’ve completely quit sugar and refined carbs. My blood pressure is now a nice 118/70 (down from 240/90). I had my labs tested a few weeks ago by request and my cholesterol and triglycerides are now within normal range. My tsh though is 0.12 but I feel great, sleep well and have a resting heart rate of 60…doesn’t sound like hyperthyroidism to me! So, in conclusion, yes. Suppliments aren’t for everyone and people can over do them. Listening to what one’s body is telling them is key.

    • Very good point about “normal ranges in lab” not being necessarily right for the individual person. In Functional Medicine we have different optimal ranges for the various lab assessments. These can be quite different from typical lab value norms. We are also more apt to run additional testing which typically is not ordered by mainstream clinicians.
      I also agree that symptoms are very important as well in terms of how one is doing. That said, feeling fine is not necessarily a good indicator of optimal function either. Some conditions (such as gluten sensitivity, for example) can cause a slow growing dysfunction which can finally become problematic. This is why I prefer lab assessment with my patients, with a functional medicine “read” on the results. It can help prevent problems years later.

  5. Laura Gregoire says:

    Hi Dr. Pat. I am a 63 year old female who has been under the care of a naturopathic physician (NMD) for many years. I’ve been using Bio identical hormone replacement and he is good about checking my levels. Recently, I had complained to him about weight gain as well as fatigue and memory problems and he ordered extensive labs. Based on those results, my DHEA level was very low as was my testosterone. Because of my sensitivity to medications and history of arrhythmia he prescribed a pharmaceutical compounded low dose of only 5 mg. of 7-keto DHEA as well as low dose of topical testosterone cream.
    I haven’t started the prescribed 7-keto yet, but what is your opinion on the use of a very low dose of a compounded 7-keto DHEA as opposed to a higher dose of over the counter product and could you say that any potential/aforementioned side effects would be considerably less? Also, is it possible that those individuals that suffered side effects were not previously checking their DHEA levels before starting 7-keto and were essentially over dosing themselves on the supplement which led to their side effects? Thank you!

    • I would trust in your naturopath’s decision to start you on a low dose of 7 Keto DHEA. It is always wise to run hormone testing prior to starting any pre hormone or hormone. It appears he is being careful to not give you too much. One can always increase the amount if necessary per his recommendation.

      I never recommend just starting on a hormone-influencing product such as 7 Keto DHEA without a good lab work up. To do so is risky. It is certainly possible that one could get too much!

  6. Jennifer says:

    I have PCOS and my testosterone level is a little high I’m concerned as to why my Dr advised me to take 50 MG of DHEA especially if it increases testosterone levels

  7. Tiffany Smith says:

    I’ve been taking 10mg of DHEA everyday per my doctors recommendation. I was wondering what the dose equivalency would be with 7 Keto? Thank you.

  8. Good Day, I currently have an over active thyroid where I have to orally take eltroxin daily to help it out for the day. is this garcina cambogia going to affect my meds in any way or am I safe to use it?

    Your response would be appreciated.

    • Garcina cambogia is not the supplement being addressed in this discussion.

      That said, Garcinia Cambodia, believed to be effective for some in weight loss as well, can cause side effects for many people, most commonly those associated with the gastro intestinal tract. I do not recommend it.

  9. Hello there, I have low level of testosterone and my doctor advised me to take 7keto DHEA
    Would this supplement help my issue?

    • My response to you would depend on multiple factors such as whether you are over weight and possibly converting testosterone to estrogen, or whether your DHEA levels are low, etc. I assume your doctor will be retesting your blood hormone levels after a trial of the 7 Keto DHEA. That will be the best indicator of how it is working as well as how well you feel. Good luck!

  10. I just wanted to tell you my story. I am 56 yr old female and am a DES baby that had to have complete hysterectomy at 28. Took reg hormones but had terrible problems. Then took biodentical long before it was so popular. I took them for 22 years. The only time I gain weight is on female hormones. Also the only success I have is if I take testerone along with female hormones otherwise I get miagraines. I started 7 keto dhea 4 years ago before Dr Oz said a word. I am a habitulal researcher on anything natural. I took regular DHEA before taking 7 keto. I do quite well with it. The only time I gain tummy weight is when I get off it. Now, I get blood testing for all this 4 times a year. My doc has learned I do better with higher male hormones. At one point I was on Lyrica and gained 60 lbs. I know it was Lyrica that caused the weight gain because I lost 45 lbs in 33 days after getting off of it. My point being that somehow DES messed with the receptor sites and female hormones are very hard for me to take because my body seems to double everything into estrogen. 7 keto dhea has not changed my estrogen levels in a negative way and I was able to get off testerone. My muscle tone remains as long as I continue to take it. lf I am off it for any length of time I start packing on belly fat and loose muscle. I would definitely fall into the category of people that this product works for but am the first to admit I have a different physiology thanks to that awful drug hormone DES. In fact if anyone doubts how careful you need to be about hormones then they should research what happened to all the women and their offspring because of DES. My brother is sterile and my sister was never able to have natural childbirth. My mother only took it a few times with each of them but took it months with me and I was in and out of the hospital from the age of 14 and ended up with cancer.

    • Thank you for posting your experience with 7 Keto, its benefits for you, and how your health was affected by DES. I hope you can continue to regain your health. Your story is important in that it clarifies the point that we each are so very unique in experience. One helpful supplement for one is not necessarily right for someone else. I also congratulate you on having your blood tested so regularly. That can make all the difference in good management. Your story is an inspiring one to those who find themselves with serious health challenges.

  11. Joni Rusk says:

    Please be very careful about taking 7-Keto. I took it as prescribed on the container for a little over a year. I then began to feel pain in my leg bones; to the point it was excruciating in the mornings. Then I checked online and found that the list of bad side effects included “bone thinning”, or in other words osteoporosis!
    To be honest, this stuff was great — it worked for me — I lost weight, gained muscle, and my mood improved. But absolutely nothing is worth losing my bone mass over ’cause ya can’t get it back! I will never go back to taking 7-Keto!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience with 7-Keto. I am sorry to hear of your bone loss. 7-Keto enhances metabolic rate, and to do so it is possible that it somehow increases thyroid output. If thyroid out put is too high it can lead to increased risk of osteoporosis.

  12. Dave G. says:

    He got paid to say that, plain and simple. My doctor has a picture of himself and Dr. Oz in his office. I asked if he knows Dr. Oz and confided that he had to pay $25,000 to get his picture taken with Dr. Oz. He does make sense on a lot of what he covers on his shows but when it comes down to it, he’s looking for money to endorse anything.

  13. Wow, this is an eye opener. While I’ve been using 7-Keto DHEA for the past 2 years, I’m now starting to feel/identify with the side affects. Like some others, I heard of the product via Dr. Oz’s show. This was one that worked in terms of losing the extra pounds with diet and exercise. During the 2 years of taking the product, I did not deviate to other supplements suggested by Dr. Oz, as it can be very overwhelming since he endorses far too many!! Early this Spring, my face started breaking out withh acne, and I developed mood swings. I went to the dermatologist and she tested my hormone levels…To my surprise my, testestorone levels were extremly high, and I’m now going to see an Endcronologist. After reading your posts, I’m confident this is a result of taking this supplement. I’m going to really take heed and be careful of any recommendations from Dr. Oz. Sticking to the basics; exercise regularly, and eat well.

    • I wish you the best, Elaine, in getting your hormones back to balance!

    • John True says:

      7-KETO DHEA can not metabolize into testosterone where as regular DHEA can and will. DHEA is not a good substance it has been shown to increase the risk of cancer mainly testicular cancer in men. As someone who works out a lot I was using DHEA as a testosterone enhancer and the side effects were BAD.

      • It is always wise to have blood levels of DHEA checked when it is being taken. Like any precursor hormone substance, we can build up levels which are too high.

  14. Are there any interactions or negative side effects between synthroid and estradiol with 7-Keto DHEA? Thank you.

    • The individual components of your endocrine system are constantly communicating in an important network which maintains body health. When you take Synthroid you are upregulating your levels of T4 thyroid hormone. When you take Estradiol you are upregulating that particular estrogen. If you take 7 Keto DHEA it will begin to communicate with all aspects of the endocrine system as well. Therefore it has the potential to influence your response to the levels of Synthroid and Estradiol you are taking, either in a positive or negative way. Since some people have had negative responses (see discussion) to 7 Keto DHEA it is important to be monitored by your clinician carefully if you are choosing to incorporate it into your health plan.

  15. Dr patt
    I took 7keto dhea for 60 day with out knowing it increases my testosterone, which I had a high border line level already. I’m also on armour thyroid. My menses are regular but, since stopped 7keto I see more of a vilirazation thicker muscle and bones. Gained more weight back.. I feel thicker in generAl.. What do you think I should do? which hormone panel to check? I’m worried for my health. Thx

    • As I have indicated in prior posts I cannot make specific recommendations to anyone who is not a patient of mine. You need to be working with a functional medicine or integrated medicine doctor who will help you assess your condition.

      That said, it may take a bit longer before your hormones normalize. I have also heard of women who have had trouble normalizing their hormones post 7 Keto DHEA. But the best thing to do is to start to work with a clinician as indicated above, and track the levels of your hormones. You need a comprehensive hormone panel including Progesterone, Estradiol, Testosterone, Total and Free, TSH, Free T4, Free T3, IGF 1, Fasting Insulin, Cortisol AM, DHEA Sulfate and a Vitamin D Hydroxy Calciferol. There are ways of balancing your situation but you should be working with a qualified clinician.

  16. Just wanted to give you the follow up on my 7 Keto results. After being off the 7 Keto for 10 days, I had my testosterone rechecked. I just got those results back today and they went from 2000 to 40.

    In addition, my heart checked out great and after being off of the 7 keto, I have been able to complete my 50 min workout in the AM and my 30 min in the evening without a rest period.

    I feel like my old self again and I have dropped 5 of those 9 pounds that I put on in January/Feb.

    I did let the supplement company know my results with their product and they seemed very receptive to my information.

    • Thank you, June,for following up, and letting us know how you are doing, and what the effect of going off the 7 Keto has been. It is very obvious from your blood work up that the 7 keto was indeed increasing your testosterone. Thank goodness all your uncomfortable signs and symptoms have normalized for you. It appears you are once again on a healthier path.

      Many experts claim that 7 Keto DHEA does not increase androgenic hormones. Here is a live example of exactly what it can do. You must be careful what you put in your body. Unfortunately, we would have thought we could trust Dr. Oz, but he has not done his due diligence, at least in this case, in protecting our health. Please keep that in mind if you continue to follow him.

  17. Thank you for pointing all of these things out about Dr. Oz. I myself think he recommends too many pills, vitamins, etc and people flock to buy these things. How can everything he recommends work and how could you possibly buy all of this stuff.

    the public is too gullible and they BELIEVE in these people who promote because they ARE ON TV AND HOW COULD THEY POSSIBLY BE WRONG!!!!!!!

    • You are correct in believing the public is quite gullible. I do believe in the use of supplements and even hormonal support (bio identical) when it is right for the person. The key is finding out if it is right for you!

  18. I was taking dhea for energy and weight control. I am 40 years old. It seemed to work at first but I started bleeding between periods so I switched to 7keto. I took it for about 1 1/2 weeks and now I am spotting AGAIN! Anyone have this happen?

    • I’m 45, and have a levonorgestrel IUD. As soon as I take 25mg of DHEA I start bleeding whereas I am usually amenorrheoic. Is switching to 7Keto an option?

      • You truly need to be working with a functional medicine clinician to help you in such a decision.

      • You should not take DHEA if your levels are normal. The level is determined by a blood work up. You should see a naturopath, functional medicine chiropractor or functional medicine MD and have your blood hormone levels checked. That said, 7 Keto DHEA is not DHEA so the effects are not necessarily the same.

  19. Peggy Peuster says:

    Thank you for this information. I had used this product for about a month When I noticed many of the reactions you described. I was irritable, Unable to sleep, And breaking out. (I’m 54!)
    After I read your article I threw away the remainder. I’m so glad I do my homework! I think your viewpoint saved me some very real medical problems down the road!

    • I am happy to hear this information has helped you with your health!

      • Dr Pat,

        Do you believe 7 Keto DHEA can increase Testosterone in women?

        Thank you,

        • Yes, I do believe it can. Women have shared with me that they have experienced androgenic symptoms after being on 7 Keto DHEA. Also, insufficient research, in my opinion, has been done on women to determine that the product does NOT increase hormones, such as testosterone. I do not recommend any woman start the product without a baseline, then regular blood check ups for both thyroid and sex hormones, and sign and symptom evaluation by her clinician.

          • Thak you! Just to give you a little history, in case my story might benefit others. I am 54 and in menopause. I have been on bioidentical hormones for about 4 years. Last Feb 2012 had a complete hyst.

            I am 5’4 and normally weight around 116. After complications from surgery, I had put on about 12 pounds, so started on 7 Keto in June after seeing it on Dr Oz to help me lose the weight. I was exercising 50 min in AM and 60 min afternoon and 30 min at night. I was able to lose 1 pound a week. I was able to get the weight off by Sept.

            When I had my hormones checked in Sept, my testosterone was 1500. I stopped my testosterone cream and was rechecked in Jan of 2013 and levels were down to 400…coincidently, my brand of 7 keto was not available, so switched brands prior to this lower reading, but then switched back to my original brand. My estrogen in Jan was too low to even register, although I was using the cream twice a day, so they changed my concentration. I also put on 9 pounds in 3 weeks this January/February.

            Fastforward to this week and I just found out that my testosterone is over 2000. I have not been on the cream since last Sept, so I was trying to figure out what changed and all that I could think of was 7 KetoDHEA.

            I stopped taking it on Tuesday and informed my gyn and my hormone dr of my thoughts about 7 Keto being the culprit. I have been scouring the internet for info on it and I called the manufacturer. The manufacturer did not believe that it should have that effect on me, but want me to call them back and follow up after stopping it.

            I am having my labs retested next Friday to at least see if my level is dropping from being off of 7 keto or if it is still rising thus signaling that I look elsewhere for the cause. I am working closely with my gyn and hormone dr.

            On a side note, my internist sent me to a cardiologist last week because of reporting to her that I have been unable to perform my entire exercise routine at one time for a few months now. I have to do 20 min, rest for 15 or 20 and then do the other 20. At night, I can only do 20min instead of 30 also.

            I wasn’t short of breath, I just felt like I ran out of gas and couldn’t go any further. I am now thinking this might be related to the 7 Keto or the high testosterone. I meet with the cardio tomorrow to get my results and will definitely give him this new information.

            If you like, I can report back to you what my lab test reveals after being off of 7 Keto.

            Thanks for what you do to help people!

          • Thank you, June, for sharing your story. There is so much we do not yet know about some of these powerful supplements. Our individual stories can definitely help others. Please keep me posted.

  20. Hi Dr. Pat,

    The question I have about 7-keto (that I’ve not yet managed to find a clear answer to) is does it stimulate thyroid tissue? That is my specific concern. With a history of oddly aggressive thyroid cancer (papillary-follicular), I need to remain VERY suppressed for the first 5 years, so any supplement that would stimulate ectopic thyroid tissue, would be a no-no. While I have no desire or need to take such a supplement, I’ve experienced an alarming number of women who have a history of thyroid cancer, who are jumping on the bandwagon without vetting this particular supplement. For my own peace of mind, it would be nice to know whether it’s particular mechanism is one I need to avoid (as I’ve seen 7-keto listed in the ingredients for a few products I had considered as part of a fat loss/fitness regimen).

    • Hi Laura,
      You raise a good question. There seems to be some confusion about whether it actually stimulates the thyroid. I did come across a citation that indicates that it may do so. Given that the thyroid has such a strategic role to play in thermogenesis in the body I believe it would be in someone’s best interest to avoid 7 Keto DHEA with a history such as your own.

      J Ex Physiology online. 1999 2(4). Double-Blind Study Evaluating the Effects of Exercise Plus 3-Acetyl-7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone on Body Composition and Endocrine System in Overweight Adults. Colker CM, Torina GC, Swain MA, Kalman DS. Demonstrates increase of T3.

  21. Iv’e been taking 7keto for a week in a half now 200mgs a day and notice weight gain of 6lbs I do have fibroids and no other medical condition. I eat rite I excersise 2 a week, drinks lots of water. my question is what exactally could be causing the weight gain

    • I apologize in that I am not able to respond to personal health questions without an examination. 7Keto is a powerful substance. It should not, in my opinion, be taken without hormonal evaluation and supervision. I recommend you contact a qualified alternative health practitioner for evaluation. Or, you are welcome to call our office, 651-645-6951, if you would like to become a client of this clinic. Best of luck to you.

  22. Is 7- keto dhea a hormone

    • 7 Keto DHEA is a by product of DHEA metabolism. DHEA is a hormone. Although 7 DHEA is not considered a hormone and is believed to not stimulate androgenic nor estrogenic activity there is not enough known about this substance to claim it is safe for everyone.

  23. Hi Dr. Pat

    I am a post menopause woman who’s blood work (recent and past) shows that I have high testosterone levels. What do you suggest, foods and supplements?

    BJ Ayers

    • I’m sorry BJ! I would need you to become a patient at the clinic prior to making recommendations for your personal care. Since I have not examined you and not determined the cause of the high testosterone recommendations made could be inappropriate.

  24. When I take 7 keto to raspberry ketones I start to get really hot and sweat a lot….eve when I am just doing normal every day stuff…is this ok?

  25. Beverly says:

    Hello Dr. Pat. I agree and I’m slightly disappointed in Dr. Oz as he seems to be pushing supplements and it is my perception that he does not really know that much about them, but that he has people recommending them to him. I use to go out and buy what he suggested but now I just listen and think first and then search the internet for forum discussions before I go run out and buy what he’s suggesting. Not only does it affect the availability of many of these products he recommends, but it also drives up the prices and, frankly, I’m not going to participate in that.
    As for 7-Keto DHEA, I do take this, but I haven’t seen the Oz show that recommended it. I had a hormonal panel done through a reputable lab that does saliva tests. My tests showed that I was deficient only in DHEA. I started taking 25 mg a day but that proved to be too much, so now I’m comfortably on 10 mg. I added 7-Keto to help me lose weight. For me this is a bit amusing. I’ve been taking 7-Keto for months now, probably 4 months, along with my 10mg of DHEA, which I’ve been taking for about a year. I want to lose 25 lbs and I started with the 7-keto to help me along.
    Although I do want to lose 25 lbs I have not changed my diet. I notice when I workout, I lose very quickly, but I also noticed that I’ve been indulging in eating lately. The curious fact is any other time I would have gained weight, but I’m not gaining weight. I’m really steady. I was wondering why I wasn’t gaining because I have been eating anything I want, and I realized that 7-Keto and DHEA must have increased my metabolism and is preventing me from gaining. With this sudden realization, I know am more motivated now to resume my regular workouts and good eating habits because, now, for once, I think I can reach my goal almost effortlessly. Meaning my workouts will really make a difference and I won’t gain the weight back so easily if I chose to have a treat now and then. I have noticed that my body temperature does rise and I might start sweating a little since taking the 7-Keto. This did not happen with DHEA alone. Is the body temp increase a thermogenic response by my body and is this process what is preventing me from gaining weight, or, i probably should say increasing my metabolism? Thank you.

    • Hi Beverly,
      Dr. Oz is doing good work when he encourages people to take a more natural lifestyle approach in diet, nutrition and helpful supplementation. So i am thankful for his success and that he is positively influencing a lot of people’s lives. But whenever we are utilizing powerful substances, even when they are “natural,” we need to remember that every body is a unique body with a different balance of hormones, neurotransmitters and other important active physiologically active substances. That is why I always encourage my patients to have the laboratory assessments that can give us so much more information about their conditions.

      Yes, the 7 Keto tends to increase metabolism. Anyone on the supplement should make sure to check his/her thyroid function as well. Check the TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 every few months to make sure the thyroid is not developing hyper function. I will do this with my patients with 7 Keto and also when they are on non prescription thyroid glandular in that this will increase metabolism as well. Good luck to you!

      • Beverly says:

        Thank you Dr. Pat. I too adore Dr. Oz, I’m just responding to this phenomenon where people rush out and get everything he says. I was doing it too. We need Dr. Oz, natural folks like us. I’ve always been naturopathic, before Dr. Oz, and I am glad he is here helping the natural cause. I fear the commercialization of health the natural way and desire to keep natural products available, effective and affordable.

        I have a low thyroid and I take armour thyroid for it–90 mg daily. I’m sub-clinical so I’ve never tested positive for low thyroid function with the usual thyroid panels. I had all the symptoms, e.g., colds hands/feet, bloating, hair loss, etc. My naturopathic MD had me do a basal thermometer test and I was cold every morning. Armour works for me. Is there a cheaper way of getting these panels done because my health insurance only pays for 1 annual physical a year that includes the thyroid tests. Getting lab work is expensive if you haven’t met your deductible. They won’t even include lab work based on saliva tests. Can you test for thyroid using a saliva test as well as the other hormones?

        Thank you

        • Sometimes you need to pay out of pocket for the lab work you need. Many of my patients do so because they know how important it is! You also should have your naturopathic doctor palpate your thyroid to determine if there is swelling. I would not be inclined to take Armour without a blood work up and physical examination of the thyroid. I know, if money is tight, we are sometimes inclined to try to talk our clinicians into a short cut. I really do not recommend that, however. If your naturopath does find a swelling lab tests are even more important. Swelling most often is common goiter (have you had your iodine levels checked?, or it can be Hashimotos autoimmune or something else. In any case at our clinic we can run a TSH, Free T# and a Free T4 for about $129.00. Testing for Hashimotos would add significantly to that sum. Blood testing is the most appropriate method for diagnosing thyroid conditions in my opinion.

          • Beverly says:

            The problem my whole life my blood test have come back normal, even when testing for thyroid specifically. I don’t have any swelling and I just had a visit to my naturopathic doctor. Never heard of Hashimotos autoimmune. I do have a problem with hair loss and I’ve been tested for thyroid for that, which was negative, but which now seems to be female pattern hairloss. I do appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much, I don’t have any symptoms of Hashimotos. And, otherwise, I’m very healthy and my recent blood tests were all normal. But, I will continue to monitor my hormones, even if it’s through private labs. My naturopath prescribes Lugol’s iodine. He thinks it’s extremely important for energy and many ailments. Do you agree with that?

  26. Thanks Dr. Pat. I sincerely appreciate your response and advice. I have stopped taking the supplement and will tell others about your advice. I am on break from school and will get that work up done based on your recommendations. You are awesome!!!!! I never realized the danger in Dr. Oz’ general recommendations until I read your post. Thanks again!!!!

  27. Hello,

    I recently watched a Dr. Oz show and was surprised by his supplement recommendations without warnings to look for interactions or side effects. I am also getting my Doctorate in Physical Therapy and I was disappointed in his general recommendations for musculoskeletal issues like telling everyone to get store bought orthotics! Regarding 7 keto DHEA, my health store owner recommended it to me and I think it is working. I desperately need to find an endocrinologist but it’s not easy to find the right one. I am 39 and have had hormonal acne and water retention for the last few years. My thyroid is on the low side of normal and since I have had Fibromyalgia for 17 years, my Dr put me on 30 mg of armour thyroid and progesterone without running a full work up. I am pretty sure the progesterone made me dizzy and gave me ocular migraines so I stopped taking it. I am a personal trainer and weight loss counselor and have not been able to lose weight last few months no matter what I try. After a month on 7 keto, finally starting to drop weight…..should I stop taking it until I get a work up? I am only taking 25 mg – 2x per day. I take DIM too. Thanks for your time!!!

    • Olivia, you definitely need a hormonal work up. I can not really recommend what you should or should not do since you are not my patient. But it is very easy for your MD or alternative medicine doctor, (such as a naturapath or chiropractor, who is licensed to do blood work ) to order a hormone panel on you. See my response to Tangy, in June, for a list of the hormones which should be ordered. You do not have to have an endocrinologist to do so. You are feeling OKAY right now and are losing weight which is wonderful, but I am concerned about the fact that you already have what you believe to be hormone-related skin issues which may indicate that you are at more risk for developing problems than some. If I were you I would get the hormone testing ASAP and have someone who knows about such testing determine what your risk truly is with the supplements. If your DHEA Sulfate and Free and Total Testosterone are on the low side, then it is probably that you have less risk. Good luck to you!

  28. Thank you for your article. No one should take the advice of Dr.Oz without consulting their own physician and getting a hormone panel. Dr. Oz is an irresponsible supplement pusher.
    I am a 43 year old woman with hypothyroidism. I am also very active – a regular runner and weight lifter.
    I am being optimally treated for my hypothyroidism (Synthroid and Cytomel.)
    In the past year or so I’ve noticed a weight gain around my mid-section that diet and exercise won’t touch. I’m pretty sure I’m experiencing perimenopausal symptoms. I tried taking 7-keto about 2 months ago. I did lose a little weight, but after about 4 weeks I also started getting cystic acne. I normally have great skin. In addidtion to the acne I’ve noticed my hair just starting to thin out at the temples! These are definitely androgenic side-effects. Be careful when using this supplement! I stopped using it about a week ago and am hoping to return to normal soon.

  29. Hi. I am 58 & 2 weeks ago had a physical w/my internist. He said I’m fine, however, I still must continue to take all of my Rx’s. I am on HRT (Prempro-no period anymore!) & Levoxyl every day. ALSO: Topamax & Lyrica, daily, prescribed by my neurologist. No seizures in 2 years, thankfully. BUT…I have trouble with my weight. I get moderate excercize (walking). I am Disabled & limp w/a cane. I have NO energy. Told my doctor, but he said my Thyroid is “fine.” I’m a Medicare patient, so my doctor spends only 5 minutes with me. In fact, when I had to call him to get my test results, HE ASKED ME what the STENGTH & DOSAGE (INSTRUCTIONS) were for my Levoxyl! I saw Dr. Oz & would like to boost my metabolism & curb my appetite with the 7-Keto. Would it be a BAD idea, or just the thing I need? I’d ask my own doctor, but he’d make me feel like I’m bothering him….I had asked him if I should take some vitamins. His response: “It wouldn’t hurt.” Besides, I doubt he even knows who I am. I disolve B-12 lozenges under my tongue. but it’s just not enough. I feel like I’m moving in slow-motion. I need help & I want to stop feeling sooooo hungry!

    • I am sorry that I cannot tell you whether it is safe for you to take or not take 7 Keto DHEA. Once again, it is my opinion that you need to have a complete endocrine workup, as I have listed in responses to others with the same question. You have numerous health challenges.Check my response and list of hormones to be tested below in my response to Tangy on 6/04/12.

  30. I also saw the Dr Oz show about 7 Keto, and am or was eager to try it. I am 56, 5″2, and was 183. I have been at the gym everyday for two months now working out for an hour and a half each day. I have a low thyroid issue, which I am on medication for. I also take Nexxium and Lipitor. I am watching what I eat, and so far, in two months have lost 13 lbs. I heard him talking also about EGCG, which I am n ow taking, and I believe that has helped to lose weight. I want to try the 7Keto, because it was touted to lose Belly Fat. Would it be good for me to try?

    • As previously indicated in my responses to others I recommend you have a complete hormone work up from your doctor prior to starting the 7 Keto DHEA. See my response to Helene for the specific tests you should have done.

  31. Helene Guert says:

    I am 52, my period stopped 4 yrs ago. I am obese. I had a Pulmonary Embolism in 2004. I have Factor Five Leiden, and I take blood thinners. I take blood presser pills and syntheroid and have high cholesterol. And if that’s not enough, the wonderful sex life I had in my 40s is no more. I can’t even get a naughty thought in my head with out a lot of trouble.
    I can’t seem to lose any weight. I started exercising again about 2 months ago. I work out on an elliptical machine 20 mins 3-4 x a week and also the total gym for 15 mins 3 x a week. I have lost 3 lbs. As for inches things got rearranged.
    What can I do to rev up my metabolism? I was thinking about 7 keto until I read all of the above comments. And any suggestions on the sex life?

    • At the risk of starting to sound like a broken record I really need to recommend that you have a complete hormone work up to assess what is at cause for your slow metabolism. You have too many health issues to blindly take herbs or pro-hormone substances which could potentially push you in the wrong direction. The thyroid should be checked with a minimum of TSH, Free T3 and Free T4, Estrogens should be assessed, Cortisol AM, Testosterone, total and free, DHEA, and Progesterone should be checked as well. If any of these are out of balance it could cause endocrine disturbance leading to weight loss issues. You do need to get your metabolism working better, but you need to do so with accurate information. Low Estrogen, low DHEA, too high or extremely low Cortisol, and an imbalanced thyroid (poor conversion from T4 – which you are on- to T3) and low Testosterone can all contribute to low sex drive. That is why it is so important to find out what your hormone blood work up says about you! Then your doctor knows where to start! (P.S. You are going to need an alternative functional medicine doctor to help you with these issues!) Last, if we are not exercising and or we are ingesting too many calories per our height and frame, even if our hormones are balanced, we will be sluggish and over weight. I have patients go to the market and try carrying two 10 lb. bags of floor around the store for a few minutes. If you are obese your extra weight can be exhausting. Please check out these factors and do your best to begin to take some healthy steps and begin to help your body move to a healthier state! Good luck to you!

  32. On 2-7-12 I started taking CLA; on 3-1-12 I started taking Relora and on 3-4-12 7 Keto. After about 15 days I noticed a hot feeling in my lower abdomin, so on 3-23-12 I stopped taking all 3 of the supplements recommended by Dr. Oz. I was fine until I took the 7 Keto. I lined danced 4 hours a week and exercised 1 hour the other 3 days, I went to my doctors PA, she had helped Dr. Oz when he was in Charlotte, NC so thought maybe she might be able to contact him since I have not been able to do so. I had used Safslim from 8-10-11 until I started taking the CLA on 2-7-12. I had lost 3 inches in my belly but was at a plateau so thought these might help. Was I wrong. I hope you can suggest something that might get rid of this hot feeling in my lower abdomin. I am going back to the doctor today, I have had CT scans of my stomach and lower abdomin. Everything was normal.
    Please can you help me? My doctors have never heaard of these supplements they don’t seem to know what to do.

    • I am sorry you are experiencing such challenges Teri. The hot feeling in your abdomen, if low and on one or the other side, or both sides, may be due to over stimulation of the ovaries. If this is the issue the hot feeling should settle down with more time, after you have been off the 7 Keto for a good while. You could have your doctor run a blood test of an Estrogen profile, Testosterone (Free and Total), DHEA and Progesterone and see if any thing is particularly out of balance. Good luck to you!

  33. I just have to say since I saw the Dr oz show I have been taking 7 keto I have never felt better! I will be 50 this may ALL of my fibromyalga. symptoms have gone away I truly am more energetic and my labido has sky rocketed! I have had a complete change of mind on every day things and my hot flashes have disappeared!!! All I can say is thank you Dr oz !! Oh and I have lost 5 lbs without even trying!!

    • I am very happy that you are doing so well with 7 keto. Congratulations! I know from my clinical experience how wonderful it is to feel better. I still have to stick to my opinion, though, that a complete hormone profile is the way to go prior to starting any hormone altering regimen. 7 Keto definitely increases the metabolism in much the same way androgens increase metabolism. For you that worked very well. It is not necessarily wonderful for everyone!

    • I can say that I feel much better taking 7 ketos and Relora as mentioned on Dr. Oz show. I have more energy, and have lost a total of 15 pounds. I suffer from Fibromyalgia and have overcome thyroid cancer. These past 3 years have been hard for me trying to adjust my TSH level and dealing with the fybromyalgia pain. But honestly, taking 7 ketos and relora have made a huge change in me. I have more energy, emotionally I feel better, and even lost weight. Now I can do more exercising, because i feel much better.

      • Hi Linda,
        I am pleased that you have had a good experience with 7 Keto DHEA and the Relora. If you are continuing to take the supplements, especially given your history of thyroid cancer, I do continue to recommend having your physician run not only Free and Total Testosterone, DHEA, Estrogens and Progesterone, but also TSH, Free T3 and Free T4 for your thyroid. The 7 Keto DHEA seems to stimulate the thyroid to increase metabolism. So I do feel it would be a good idea to make sure these endocrine hormone markers remain within normal limits. Good luck to you!

  34. huma javid says:

    hi my problem is i dont have regular menses my doctor says i have polysistic overies hypothyroid so think of taking 7 kito but when i saw this comments i think i should ask you shall i take or not but no one is telling why my periods stooped so please help me what to do .

    • From what you describe you are a person who should NOT take 7 keto DHEA until further laboratory assessment. If you have PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) you are potentially already too high in androgenic hormones (hormones which increase masculine body traits) . Also, if you are hypothyroid, you need to successfully balance your thyroid. These two conditions, PCOS and Hypothyroidism, are significant health challenges and need to be successfully handled to help you return to better health. If you are hypothyroid and it has not been corrected, that alone could cause you to gain weight. You are a candidate for a comprehensive hormone assessment and one should be ordered by your physician. Unless you are perimenopausal it is not normal to have your menses stop. If your physician will not do the blood work up but believes you to have PCOS and Hypothyroidism then you need to get a new doctor! Good luck to you!

      • I was diagnosed with PCOS and between my OB-GYN and my GP; they will only prescribe metformin for my condition because I just started perimenopausal. When I brought up the Dr. OZ program outlining 7-keton and DHEA they both told me to not to bother but they were willing to discuss gastric bypass which I do not want.
        How do I find a Dr. that will help when they don’t listen to me.

  35. Valerie Grant says:

    So what do you recommend that is safe for a women to help boost your metabolism.

    • Hi Valerie,
      The best step is to have a good hormone work up and from there decide what products are best to facilitate improved metabolism. We often run these panels at the clinic. Some times our thyroid can be low, sometimes progesterone levels are way out of balance with estrogen levels and sometimes our Cortisol levels are so out of balance that they are disrupting the conversion of thyroid T4 to T3. These are just a few examples of possibilities. So there is a lot that can cause metabolic disruption. The key is finding out your personal metabolic “story.” Once you know that you can then very specifically utilize products that are the best for you. Sometimes 7 keto DHEA could be the best product if your hormone profile fits that need. But I would never place a woman on 7 keto DHEA if she already was high in Testosterone or other androgenic (masculine) hormones. I feel that would be risky. Some people feel it is too expensive to have blood levels of hormones tested. But our health is so important and the most expensive product is one that is not good for YOU! Dr. Pat

      • Dr. Pat,
        Which one of the 7-Keto is the better one? There ae so many out there and I just want to make sure that I’m taking the one that would most benefit me because my metabolism is very slow.

  36. This really answered my problem, thank you!

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