Dr. Oz Suddenly Turns a Blind Eye

Corn tacos GMO?I recently read the December 3rd cover story, “What to Eat Now” by Dr. Mehmet Oz in Time magazine.  I love that Dr. Oz is bringing up the important consideration of cost when considering healthy foods.  It is a challenge we need to address.

 I need to take issue, however, with his apparent stand in this article of turning a blind eye to possible GMO foods, additives and toxins in some of the foods he is recommending.



GMO – Is it Suddenly Safe Now?


It was just a few weeks ago that Dr. Oz featured the film producer, Jeffrey Smith, and his revealing documentary on GMO foods, Genetic Roulette, on his television program. Dr. Oz’s wife, Lisa, actually narrated that film for Smith. Since Lisa likely endorsed Smith’s position on GMO foods, (that they are dangerous to our health) I find it highly unlikely that Lisa Oz or Dr. Oz would be purchasing commercial corn tacos ( in the chicken tacos sample meal on page 44) that are not labeled as to whether they are GMO or not GMO and feeding them to their children.  Approximately 60% of all U.S. acreage grown in corn is now GMO. If corn is not organically labeled, odds are you are more likely to be purchasing GMO corn than not. Is it helpful to recommend families purchase potentially GMO corn tacos if the concern over GMO foods is a valid one?


Canned Food

Is Canned Tuna a Safe Recommendation for Your Family?

I am also concerned about his recommendation of canned tuna. I, like many alternative health clinicians, recommend that my patients avoid canned tuna. It is true that it is an excellent source of protein and fatty acids, but it may well contain unhealthy amounts of mercury. This toxic heavy metal is damaging to the central nervous and, in my opinion, and the government’s, ingesting this canned food on a regular basis is not recommended.





Is Bisphenol A (BPA) Lurking in the Lining of Your Canned Foods?

The lining of some canned foods has  been linked to excessive exposure to Bisphenol A, a xenoestrogen toxin. Xenoestrogens are chemical compounds which can mimic estrogens in our bodies and cause inappropriate female sexual development in both young girls and boys.


Does Dr. Oz Really Believe that Unhealthy Saturated Fats in Big Brand Commercial Peanut Butters do Not Pose a problem to Our Health?

Also of concern is his recommendation of well-known big brand commercial peanut butters. If you have read the labels on these commercial brands, and even ignore the addition of sugar, you will still see the ingredient of hydrogenated vegetable oils. These are synthesized saturated fats that are not good for our health. Unlike the saturated fat in coconut oil this saturated fat contributes to increased health problems. How can Dr. Oz recommend such an unhealthy product?  There is a big difference between these products and the organic peanuts and peanut oil only brands.


What Has Happened to the Truth and Dr. Oz?

Nutrition and cost are important matters to families, but what is true one week is certainly true the following week in regard to nutrition. Potential toxins cannot be lethal one week and totally safe the next. In this age, proteins, carbohydrates, lipids and nutrients are not the only story.  Dr. Oz and the television network that carries his program may be feeling pressure from corporations or corporate farmers who feel they should have their fair say in the market place. But one cannot have truth stand alongside such obvious toxic omissions. 

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  1. I agree, totally. Thanks for a great share. I am not a fan of any junk in anything. So, you hit on a few of my big beefs in the food industry. Thank you for posting!

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