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HOLLY HOUSE’s primary responsibility is that of helping people get well. Clients hire our support and they hold us accountable for their outcomes. As professionals, it behooves us to choose the most effective tools with which to accomplish our work.

Nutritional supplements, botanical medicines and homeopathic remedies can be powerful therapeutic instruments. They hold an important place in our medical bag. When used appropriately, quality formulas that honor nature’s wisdom can relieve symptoms and improve health with much less risk than drugs synthesized in a lab.

The product resources that we offer are the same that we draw upon for client work and the same that we use in our personal lives. For the most part, except for Young Living, which demonstrably meets our quality standards, they represent professional product lines.

As with kitchen appliances and power tools, professional markets are driven by a different set of values than consumer markets. Cost must still be weighed against performance but the overriding focus remains fixed on effectiveness and safety. Unlike appliances and power tools, however, when it comes to food and medicine, performance features may just not be as obvious to the untrained eye.

Yes, professional product lines will carry a higher price tag than some consumer lines when measured by the bottle or pill. If you focus on potency, the quality of ingredients, formula design, methods of construction, the research that backs them up, and the outcome you desire, however, like professionals, you may actually find that they offer better value.

HOLLY HOUSE is pleased to make our product resources available to you, our client, at competitive prices. They offer you an extensive variety of powerful options. Whether you buy online or from our front desk, chances are that we can provide you with a terrific product to suit your need.

Of course, effectiveness also has much to do with selecting the best product to satisfy your unique requirements. Regardless of its performance characteristics, the right product will help and the wrong one won’t, or worse. Proper selection is both a science and an art. Depending upon your situation, much can be involved.

Presenting Our Online Nutrition Stores


Our online stores are great resources for nutrition and botanical medicine. Not only does each one offer an extensive selection of professional quality products that goes way beyond what we can offer on the shelves in our clinic but they also put product literature, research documents, position papers, case studies, educational materials, faqs, shopping lists and other shopping tools at your fingertips. Like our front desk, they can also provide Dr. Pat visibility of your supplementation history should it prove useful for case management purposes.

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Helping People Realize their Genetic Potential through the Right Nutrition
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The deepest collection and the highest quality therapeutic grade essential oils in the world!
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Thorne has one of the best reputations for quality in the supplement industry.
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Recommendations for Use

The primary intent behind these stores is to offer our clients a convenient method of replenishing nutritional products that they know to be beneficial as well as to introduce them to new products that may be of interest. Others are also welcome.

Some nutritional products found here like EPA/DHA, some multivitamins, and vitamin D3, are typically helpful to most people. Some have a more specific purpose appropriate for more specialized cases. Although browsing is encouraged, unless you already have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, we generally recommend that you seek a recommendation from Dr. Pat or your health care professional before you purchase and consume a new product.

If you are our patient and you are unsure whether a product would be helpful to you or not, please don’t hesitate to ask for Dr. Pat’s assistance. This is part of what we do. We are happy to help. If you are not a patient of HOLLY HOUSE or another health care practitioner, you may wish to consider contacting us to schedule an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Pat to better identify products that would be most helpful to you.



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