First Appointment Options

Portrait of Dr. Pat

Dr. Patricia Lawler, DC, DACBN, CTN

New patient care begins with one of the following first appointment options. Take a moment to select the appointment that best meets your needs. Contact us with any questions or to schedule.

Adult Integrated Exam, Report of Findings and Treatment Plans

Our Integrated Examination process assesses your body/mind/spirit from a four stressor model. Assessing you for structural (includes the chiropractic evaluation), biochemical/nutritional, mental/emotional/spiritual and electromagnetic imbalances in your energetic and physical fields, we identify the stressors that are the major players in your health issues. From that information we develop and present treatment plans custom designed to correct the challenges you face. Only $369

Adult Chiropractic Exam with Report of Findings

Our Chiropractic exam identifies all areas of poor alignment in the joints of the spine, cranium and extremities and indicates if postural correction is needed. A short evaluation is also included to rule out other factors contributing to spinal discomfort or dysfunction. Upon completions we provide A Report of Findings and define what treatment would help. Only $190

Child Exam with Report of Findings

Children need therapeutic support too. Our Child Exam identifies areas of poor alignment in the joints of the spine, cranium and extremities. It also identifies biochemical/nutritional, mental/emotional/spiritual and electromagnetic stressors contributing to health challenges. A Report of Findings is included with suggested treatment. Only $190

Weight Management Exam with Report of Findings

Our Weight Management Exam focuses on structural, biochemical/nutritional, mental/emotional and electromagnetic imbalances which may be contributing to weight management challenges. A Report of Findings is included with strategy suggestions. Only $190


Choose this option if you would like an in depth evaluation of your needs and situation before choosing how or whether to continue. Only $103   Click here for our Contact Page and Call us to Get Started!