Getting Started

If you suffer from a health challenge, we recommend that you respond to it. You are already responding by visiting this website. You may have already responded in other ways as well. Continuing to manifest your response requires the following four steps:

1. Recognize the need for change

The first step involves realizing that your health could be better. You know what it feels like to live in your body. You are probably able to recognize this on your own. We can also help by defining your health challenges and opportunities through our examination and evaluation process.

2. Define your health goals

Once you have recognized the need for change, the next step is to define the goals you wish to achieve. Do you want to suppress your symptoms or do you wish to address the cause of your dysfunction? Do you want to take a focused approach to healing a specific dysfunction or would you like to improve your overall health as well? Take the time to visualize the outcome of your decision. Whatever goals you choose, we have tools to help you achieve them.

3. Determine your strategy

Once you have defined your health goals, you need to determine how you intend to achieve them. Your choice of strategy will depend upon the results it is likely to yield, what it will cost you to implement, and your personal belief and value system. HOLLY HOUSE can provide you with inputs and insights to clarify and facilitate your decision-making process.

4. Take action

Once you know your health goals and you have determined how you will achieve them, you are ready to take action.