Get Out & Vote Special

Pair of Voting Ladies

Do your best for your country. Get involved, vote, and keep future health care costs down! HOLLY HOUSE wants to help you do what it takes. . .


. . but to do this, you and Dr. Pat both need to know what you need to become healthier. Luckily, now through Election Day 2012, you can find out what that is at a fantastic price.



Check it out!  




35 – 50%
Off the cost of exams, re-evaluations, and other diagnostics.

  • Current Clients: Save 50% on a re-evaluation
     and plan (normally $92 each), Body Composition / Vitality-Longevity Assessment (normally $18-35), Interpretive Lab Consultation (normally $53-92) plus an extra 10% on lab tests (prices vary)   
  • Prospective Clients: Save 35% on your initial exam, report of findings, and treatment plan.
    more information available here: your first appointment options 
Offer Expires: Election Day 2012
Medicare sits upon shaky ground and O’Bama Care may not survive. For your sake and that of your fellow Americans, keep your future health care costs down.

Whether its been a while since your last exam or you just heard of us, now is a great time to invite your friends and come on in. Help Dr. Pat help you build your own:

“Get Healthy Stay Healthy Lifestyle Management Plan”

Don’t miss this opportunity to become and stay healthy naturally!


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