The Gift of Essential Oils | video

thriving in a toxic world

with Dr. Patricia Lawler DC. DACBN. CTN. DCBCN

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The Gift of Essential Oils1. Silent Spring 2. Toxic Mind 3. Consequences 4. Signs of Inflammation 5. ReConnect 6. Resonance 7. Oils of Resonance 8. Copaiba 9. Frankincense10. Helichrysum11. Valor12. Life Stories13. It's Time to Heal


In this video series, Dr. Pat will uncover some major toxic threats that surround you. She will then proceed to recommend things you can do to help you eliminate or avoid their destructive affects. Learn the signs of “disconnect”. Be introduced to home and lab tests that you can take to measure your toxic load. Experience how Young Living essential oils create a special resonance with your cells that reconnects and realigns you to your own innate potential for healing. Discover how others have reconnected to a healthier state of being. Embrace a new way of thinking and living by purposefully reducing toxicity in your life. Open yourself to the healing nature of creation’s plant world. Believe, be inspired, and spread the word!


Over 50 years ago, a renowned biologist warned that exposure to toxic chemicals could lead to terrible consequences. A fictional film depicts a dooms day scenario which could feasibly come to pass. Are we experiencing the consequences that this biologist warned of? 


Not only do external toxins threaten our well-being. Find out why internal toxins called negative endorphins, produced by toxic thoughts, may disconnect us from our very life force and pose an even greater threat. 


Toxicity has a predictable outcome. Even the U.S. government acknowledges that toxic effects are now threatening longevity in the nation. Are you part of this trend toward lowered life expectancy?


Through signs and symptoms, our bodies always tell the truth. Find out what your body may be telling you about the presence of toxicity and inflammation. Only by facing your current state can you begin to take the steps you need to reverse these insidious challenges. 


Sometimes making positive changes can seem overwhelming but if you want to maintain or regain your health, you really have no choice. Find out the three actions you must take to reduce toxicity and inflammation. Reconnect to make a difference in your health and that of those close to you.


When you resonate with an essential oil, you know something very special is happening. Take advantage of this phenomenon to super charge your connection to your true self and enhance your own healing. 


Essential oils contain the wisdom of all life. Their use can disrupt the unhealthy effects of toxins and awaken the optimal expression of your DNA thereby supporting your ability to heal body, mind, and spirit.


Copaiba is a powerful essential oil from Brazil loaded with the potential to be a powerful resonance oil for many. Its potentiating anti-inflammatory qualities are so valuable to a toxic and inflamed world. Is Copaiba a resonance oil for you? 


Frankincense is an essential oil much-loved by those who experience it. Many even consider it sacred. Bearing numerous powerful healing qualities, it also has proven to be a resonance oil for many people. Is Frankincense a resonance oil for you? 


Helichrysum should never be forgotten when it comes to oils with the power to elicit resonance.  This is truly an exquisite oil which may prove to be a timely tool as we grapple with the devlopment of antibiotic resistance. Is Helichrysum a resonance oil for you? 


Valor is perhaps the most highly resonant blend of essential oils available. It seems like almost everyone loves Valor and has benefited from its application.  See what Valor, chiropractic, and Raindrop can do for spinal scoliosis and don’t miss the demonstration Valor’s powerful effect over fear and anxiety.


>Hear how real people just like you have recovered their health with the use of therapeutic grade essential oils and products, natural therapies, and positive lifestyle management. 


Yes, there is a great need for change and healing in this world, both on a personal and universal level. The stakes are high but by allowing essential oils to help you access your true self, you have the choice and the power to help make this change happen. With these tools, you can help make this dream of a healthier world come true. 


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