Omega-3 Ver 2.0

You are probably already aware of the importance of Omega-3 essential fatty acids to your health. From controlling inflammation, maintaining brain, respiratory, reproductive, joint, immune, and skin health, to cardiovascular health, Omega 3s are a must.

Introducing an Exciting New Source of Omega-3s

krill4HOLLY HOUSE has long carried high quality Omega 3 supplements to help bolster your consumption of these essential fats should your food choices ever fall short. You will find them in assorted formulas in assorted forms including capsules, tablets, and liquid from assorted sources including flax seed, rape seed, soy beans, walnuts, some meat and dairy products and, of course, fish. We are now pleased to offer you Omega-3 from an exciting new source which has garnered a lot of press as well as controversy in the nutrition world lately; krill.


What’s the fuss about?

krill2Krill are a small crustacean similar to a tiny shrimp hugely abundant in the waters around Antarctica. Excitement stems from the claims made by many reputable sources that Omega-3s derived from Krill offer some unique advantages over other fish oils. If a major portion of consumers shifted the source of their omega-3 supplementation to krill, that would be a big deal in the nutrition world.


Are krill for me?

Whether everyone should now substitute Krill oil for fish oil is a question hotly debated in some circles. Quality fish oil remains a healthy choice that may still be right for you but if you are one of the many who have found fish oil supplementation to be challenging or even if you haven’t, krill oil is worth a serious look.


Primary Benefits



Omega-3 for you

Omega-3s in krill oil are bonded to phosholipids instead of triglycerides as are other fish oils..Phospholipids are also found in human cell membranes. One of their properties is that they dissolve in water. As a result, unlike fish oil, the oil does not separate in our stomachs. This results in several major benefits for consumers:

  • Easier, more complete and rapid assimilation, allowing for
  • Smaller pill sizes
  • No Burping
  • Decreased risk of heavy metal contamination due to the pristine environment from which krill are harvested as well as their very low position on the food chain.
  • The purity of the raw material allows for more gentle processing that avoids distillation typically used to produce fish oil thereby possibly better preserving nutritional integrity.


Other Benefits

Krill oil contains other nutrients in addition to Omega 3s including:

  • phospholipids, nutritional in their own right
  • flavonoids
  • astaxanthin, an antioxidant existing in the algae upon which krill feed, gives the oil its red color



krill1Krill grows in the pristine ocean waters off Antarctica. Its location and krill’s huge importance to the ocean’s food chain have caused this new dietary interest in krill to raise some eyebrows.

Though the world’s last great wilderness would be a fearful thing to lose, vendors assure us that strict measures have been put in place to preserve both the environment and the viability of the krill population.

Krill constitute the largest biomass on the planet. Apparently, we are harvesting just a small fraction of what would be safe and only a small fraction of that is actually ingested by humans directly. The remainder is used for aquaculture and other purposes. Regulations specified by international treaty govern all harvesting and some reputable companies even choose to go above and beyond the requirements.


Krill Oil Products through HOLLY HOUSE

HOLLY HOUSE offers the following two krill oil product options:


Consider making krill oil part of your supplement program.

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