To Keep an Open Heart | slide presentation

Dr. Pat presenting on stage at Sp'Oiled in Oils 2015

Dr. Pat presented the following slide show live to a group of essential oil enthusiasts. We are now pleased to offer it to to you here on the web.

This slideshow addresses the health benefits of keeping an open and loving mental-emotional state and it offers tools to help achieve one. You will learn the following:

  • The 3 Habits of an Open Heart
  • How to Influence Others Positively
  • Is there a Link between the Heart, Love and Beauty?
  • Essential Oils best suited to help you keep an Open Heart


Please enjoy the presentation.


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The following transcript is of the slide content only. It can serve as a reference tool. Spoken words are not included.

1. To Keep an Open Heart with Essential Oils Presented by: Dr. Patricia L. Lawler
2. The Mysterious Heart The Heartwith Memory
3. Claire and a Young Man’s Heart
4.  Patient with extreme fear of water, receives heart and feels desire to go swimming and sailing (Donor was a sailor).  A born again Christian receives a new heart and wakes up cursing, using foul language. The mother of the donor acknowledges the expressions of the recipient are just like her son’s.  Recipients radically change food preferences (This also happens with kidney recipients), and later find out that the new food preferences were that of the donors. Heart Transplant Recipients
7. Entrainment and Coherence
8. Hearts and Clocks Entrain
10. Heart Cells and Individual Hearts Entrain
11. Brain Cells do Not Entrain
12. Heart Cells and Individual Hearts Entrain
14. How are You Affecting Your Neighbor Right Now?
15.  A coherent heart is a healthy heart.  A coherent heart is a peaceful heart.  A healthy peaceful heart enhances the opportunity for others to experience coherence and peace.  A coherent heart is called an Open Heart. A Coherent Heart
16. Autonomic Control System
17.  Sympathetic Mode – Fight/Flight  Parasympathetic Mode – Relax/Enjoy The Autonomic Nervous System
18. Most Common Reason we are not in Entrainment Sympathetic Mode
19. Sympathetic Nervous System Activation 1. Increase in arterial (blood) pressure. 2. Vasoconstriction of blood supply to the glands. 3. Increase of blood supply to the muscles. 4. Increase in the rate and force of the heart beat. 5. Increase in the rate of cellular metabolism throughout the body. 6. Blood glucose concentration increase due to release of glucose from the liver. 7. Increase in rate of blood coagulation. 8. Increase in mental activity. 9. Inhibition of digestion as well as the functions of the liver, gall bladder, the ureter and the bladder. 10. Breath is shallow and in the throat unless you’re running!
20. Sympathetic Mode
21. How Many Lions Have You Run Into Lately?
22.  The Heart in Fight / Flight Mode  Sympathetic Mode  Acute response mode  Meant for emergency situations only.  When chronic, the heart is stressed. The Stressed Incoherent Heart
23. Where We Want to Be Parasympathetic Mode
24. Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation 1. Enables digestion. 2. Calms the heart. 3. Puts the muscles at rest. 4. Stills the adrenals. 5. Relaxes the mind. 6. Decreases blood pressure and heart beat. 7. Breathing becomes deep and relaxed. 8. Strengthens immune system.
25. Parasympathetic Mode
26.  The Heart in Peaceful Rhythmic Motion.  Parasympathetic Mode.  The state you want to be in 98% of the time. The Peaceful Coherent Heart
27. Heart Cells and Individual Hearts Entrain
29. Our Hearts are One
30. Are we Sharing Chaos or Coherence?
31. How do You Know if Your Heart is Open?
32.  Use Muscle Response Testing or Pendulum to assess your level on a scale of 0 – 1000. You want to be at least 200 but preferably over 500 on this scale.  The level on the scale is indicative of your “Open Heartedness.”  This has to do with your openness to the Divine.  Practicing a Parasympathetic state which includes emotions of thankfulness, gratitude and joy helps you score higher. Where are You?
33. Stories
34.  Patient L: Patient with a very closed heart boss (175) used oil to support herself. Acceptance essential oil blend.  Patient J: Struggling in work situation (150) who needed to keep her heart open. Joy essential oil blend.  Patient D: Began to close down his heart as a family situation overwhelmed him. (Was 750, dropped to 200) Frankincense helped him lift and open his heart. A Closing Down of Heart in the Work Place and Home
36. For Rates of Heart Attack to Diminish… Work to be in Peaceful Heart Coherence
37. One Coherent Heart of Peace
39.  Would you like to have a healthier heart?  Would you like to experience more peace and joy?  Would you like to help others be healthier and experience more peace and joy?
40. 3 Habits for an Open Heart
41.  Spend at least 5 minutes every morning contemplating an open heart.  Light a small candle to help you focus.  Breathe deeply and slowly, in Parasympathetic State.  Imagine the large electromagnetic field of your heart and how you will move through your day projecting a loving open heart.  Imagine how you will have a positive affect on others.  Use prayer to ask for help to stay in an open-hearted state. Habit #1 Establish Strong Intention
42. Northern Lights Black Spruce Add an Essential Oil to Enhance Your Intention
43. To Keep an Open Heart Place 1 – 2 drops on your left hand, over the Vita Flex Heart point, and with your right hand, put some of the oil from your hand on the Vita Flex on your left foot for the Heart. Then put some of the oil over your Heart.
44. Heart Reflex Points
46.  Develop a strong Inner Observer (Holy Spirit) .  This Inner Observer will help you watch for emotions that close down your heart: Fear, anger, frustration, shame, guilt, obsessive desire, etc.  Let the Inner Observer compassionately guide you back to a state more consistent with an Open Heart. Habit #2 Strong Inner Observer
47. Northern Lights Black Spruce Add an Essential Oil to Enhance Your Intention
48. FRANKINCENSE 48 Place 1 – 2 drops on your hands and Inhale 3X throughout the day.
49. JOY To Keep an Open Heart Place 1 – 2 drops on your hands and Inhale 3X throughout the day.
50. Beautiful Aroma Heart Pendant
51.  Use deep, Parasympathetic breathing to keep yourself in a more relaxed state throughout the day.  Practice experiencing thankfulness, forgiveness, and compassion for everyone throughout the day.  Practice experiencing joy for the simple things in life.  Appreciate the beauty all around you.  At night think of 3 things that occurred during the day for which you are thankful. Habit #3 Practice an Open Heart State
52. Peace & Calming To Keep an Open Heart Place 1 – 2 drops on your wrists and the base of your skull. Inhale 3X before bed.
53. The Heart, Natural Beauty and Love
55. The Oils Enhancing the 3 Habits
56. Northern Lights Black Spruce
57. “I am here now, here to fulfill my mission as told by the ancient people. No one would hear me; but after thousands of years, I have been released to do what I was created to do for the children of this world. The ancient people call me “Black Spruce of the Northern Lights because my branches touch the dancing colors in the sky, intertwining Mother Earth’s strength with the mysteries of the heavens. I live in an extremely harsh environment, with challenging growing conditions, climate changes that drop to -80ᵒ F, and howling winds with a wind chill of up to -120ᵒ F. I live with the extremes of Mother Earth so I can deal with the extremes of human kind. Hold and cherish my essence. Let it help you grow, learn, and explore your God-given potential to know who you are and have the power within you to change the world with just your thoughts and to be a living example of your creation.” March 9,2015. Northern Lights Black Spruce
58.  Bornyl Acetate – (30 – 37%)  Camphene (17 -25%)  Alpha Pinene (12 – 19%)  Delta – 3 – Carene (5 – 10%)  Limonene (2 – 7%)  Santene (1 – 5%)  Tricyclene (1 – 5%) Northern Lights Black Spruce
59.  David Steward, PhD, DNM, The Chemistry of Essential Oils, calls monoterpenes the “peace makers.”  They coordinate the various healing abilities of individual components of an oil.  They support other healing molecules to enhance their effects. Monoterpenes C10H16
60. Northern Lights Black Spruce Powerful Open Heart Medicine
61. JOY
62. JOY – Essential Oil Blend  Rose  Bergamot  Mandarin  Ylang Ylang  Lemon  Geranium  Jasmine  Palmarosa  Roman Chamomile  Rosewood
63. Peace & Calming
64.  Blue Tansy  Patchouli  Tangerine  Orange  Ylang Ylang Peace & Calming
65. Northern Lights Black Spruce Muscle Test
66. Keep an Open Heart with Essential Oils For your Health For your Happiness For the Health and Happiness Of those around you….
67. Thank you for watching! Presented by: Dr. Patricia L. Lawler DC.DACBN.CTN.DCBCN.


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