Comprehensive Integrated Examination and Evaluation

The success of your health improvement program depends upon an accurate assessment of all issues causing dysfunction. For your assessment to be precise and complete, your health professional must compile, review, and analyze an extensive volume of information. Objective findings, environmental factors, your personal experience, habits, and history are all relevant.

Our integrated examination and evaluation process systematically explores a vast number of concerns in order to target the cause of any symptoms you may be experiencing. It contains a substantial set of diagnostic tools and techniques that have evolved from many disciplines. Our physical examination includes more than one hundred orthopedic, metabolic, and neurological tests.

Our symptom history and life style surveys utilize extensive questionnaires and sophisticated computerized assessment tools. For bio-chemical analysis, we may choose practical in-house tests or more developed profiles from state-of-the-art functional laboratories across the nation. Once assembled, we take the time to share all important findings with you in an intelligible format that explains your symptoms, identifies underlying dysfunction, illuminates its source, and highlights opportunities for advancing your health through integrated intervention and treatment.

Treatment Plans

Together, we use the results of your examination and evaluation process to create a customized treatment plan. This document lays out our recommendations for your healing program at the onset of your therapy. The development process incorporates your personal decisions into the construction of your plan and it provides you with an informed appreciation of the promise and the costs of potential treatment options.

We start by presenting you with three viable alternative strategies for your consideration, each progressively more thorough than the last. We explain what we have designed each strategy to achieve and what each requires in order to succeed. With your priorities in mind, you select the results you wish to attain and the plan you wish to follow. Your participation assures that you only use your resources for products and services that you have carefully considered and consciously chosen.

Once you have selected your plan, it becomes an integral part of your treatment program. It provides a road map for the coordination of care over time and it serves as a benchmark against which we periodically measure and evaluate your progress.