SpectraCell’s Comprehensive Nutrition Panel

You might agree with me that, even with discounts on Super Second Wednesdays, the cost of supplements can sure add up. On the other hand, like me, you also know how important high quality supplements are to continuing good health and preventing disease. Unfortunately, the cost of meeting your needs can become an even greater challenge if you face a health crisis.

There are so many supplements out there. Each one promises to help in some way. For most of us, however, our budget is limited as is our capacity to swallow all those pills.

When choosing which supplements to purchase, wouldn’t it be helpful to have a clearer understanding of your nutritional needs so that you could more easily select the most relevant products while confidently passing on the rest?

I’d like to tell you about a new lab panel designed to help you do just that. We’ve recently added it to our evaluation kit and I’m very excited about the focus it can bring to my patient’s nutritional programs and spending.


The Comprehensive Nutrition Panel

The lab panel is called the Comprehensive Nutritional Panel, also known as the Micronutrient Panel, brought to us by SpectraCell. The panel tests an extensive range of Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Anti-Oxidants, Fatty Acids, Metabolites, levels of total anti-oxidant function (Spectrox), an immune response score (Immunidex) and an evaluation of carbohydrate metabolism.

Spectracell micronutrient report element

Example of report element.

The report provides you with targeted nutrient repletion recommendations for those vitamins and minerals that you are deficient in.

More from SpectraCell about this test: The Comprehensive Nutritional Panel


What’s Unique about SpectraCell’s Comprehensive Nutrition Panel?

The Comprehensive Nutritional Panel is a blood panel designed and based on the results of 18 years of research at the University of Texas. In this research micronutrients were studied for their effect on function within the white blood cells. Evaluation of nutrient status using white blood cells was revolutionary.

Traditional tests measured nutrient status using blood serum levels but the useful life of these results is limited. This research shows that the analysis of white blood cells gives a much more accurate assessment of nutrient status over a longer and more useful time frame. Due to the success of this research, this type of assessment became a patented technology now available to us through SpectraCell.


Why run the Comprehensive Nutrition Panel?

Better Health
We now know that nutrition has a significant influence on the expression of our genes which plays an important part in how healthy we stay as the years go by. A better understanding of your nutritional needs can help you modify your diet and/or supplementation appropriately which will lead to better nutrition allowing for more optimal expression of your genetic potential and ultimately to better health.
Save Money
Identifying specific imbalances in your body can help you save money. You can cut back on supplements identified by the test as being too high, freeing your money to support other areas that are too low. It helps you determine where your money is best spent.
Peace of Mind
Knowing your body is receiving optimal levels of nutritional support helps you stress less about whether you are getting sufficient antioxidants and fatty acids.

Stress burns nutrients. Among many other major benefits, peace of mind also reduces the supplements you need to maintain good health.


Who can benefit?

  • Anyone who is currently struggling with his/her health and needs to make the most of his/her nutrition to promote his/her best outcome.
  • Anyone who would like to make sure his/her money is being spent on a supplement program in the best way possible.
  • Anyone who has a familial history or genetic predisposition to a chronic disease, such as cardiovascular disease or cancer, and wants to ensure their best outcomes with superior nutritional supplementation.
  • Anyone who wants to age healthfully by maintaining the best nutritional balance possible.


How much does this test cost?

As of the date I’m posting this, here are the prices that I’m aware of:

This is what you would pay if you purchased this test on your own off SpectraCell’s website. It includes a blood drawer from an authorized local site, the kit, processing, the report, and shipping and handling. In my opinion, it’s totally worth it.
This is HOLLY HOUSE’S price. This is what we normally sell it for. It includes everything that you would get from SpectraCell plus I will get a chance to review it. If you are under active care, this should have benefit for you.
This is a special price underwritten by SpectraCell available to you through HOLLY HOUSE on a temporary basis if you have health insurance.

SpectraCell wants to register this test for reimbursement by insurance carriers but it needs to demonstrate a history of use to do that. Once your lab has been processed, SpectraCell will bill your insurer for the list price of the lab. Depending on your carrier, your carrier may or may not reimburse you but it’s a good deal either way. We don’t know how long this deal will last, so if you are eligible and interested, you will want to act before it expires.


What’s your next step?

If you’d like to add another level of understanding to your nutritional program, SpectraCell’s Comprehensive Nutritional Panel is an attractive tool at an attractive price especially at the moment.

Contact us if you are interested in having us run this very special panel for you.


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