Presentation Topics

The following represents a sampling of topics that Dr. Lawler has presented in the past:

  • Achieving and Maintaining Optimal Weight for a Lifetime
  • Avoiding Cardiovascular Disease with the Help of Essential Oils
  • Avoiding Summer Injury
  • Balancing Blood Sugar
  • Clinical Foundations of Alternative Medicine
  • Embracing Menopause
  • Essential Oils, The Missing Link
  • Healing Fibromyalgia, An Alternative Medicine Perspective
  • Intestinal Health
  • Osteoporosis
  • Putting Out the Fire of Chronic Inflammation
  • Premenstrual Syndrome
  • Preventing Breast Cancer
  • Preventing Vaccine Reactions
  • Reducing Inflammation
  • Six Steps to Health
  • Summer Time Applications for Essential Oils
  • Take Charge of Your Brain Health
  • Too Cold Too Tired, The Thyroid and Why Detoxification is Necessary
  • Walking with Forgiveness
  • The Gift of Essential Oils, thriving in a toxic worldavailable in video

In 2009, Dr. Lawler developed the Finding Peace and Healing series of classes for her patient base after having begun instruction in self muscle response testing; a.k.a. MRT. Building on this content, she later introduced the Alignment to God Series, a three class set created to enable her patients to learn and practice a form of bio-energetic self treatment integrating wellness practices with the power of prayer.

In 2010 she developed the Alignment to God series further by adding the use of therapeutic grade essential oils. She now prefers to present this new version because of its even more profound affect on peoples lives.