FAQs – NeuroResearch Weight Loss Program


What makes this program special?
No other program lets you comfortably and safely loose weight as quickly.

Who is the program designed for?
The is designed to benefit anyone who wants to lose as much weight as would benefit their health as fast as it would be healthy for them to lose it. Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 250 pounds, this program will help you lose it.

How does the program work?
It works by eliminating unwanted hunger and maximizing fat burn healthfully and safely.

What is unwanted hunger?
Unwanted hunger is when your body wants more calories than it needs.

How does it eliminate unwanted hunger?
It eliminates unwanted hunger by balancing serotonin using amino acids.

How does it maximize fat burn?
It maximizes fat burn by maximizing the difference between the amount of calories consumed and used. It is impossible for your body to burn fat faster without negative health effects.

Why is the program safe?
It is safe because a doctor monitors you and you do not loose excessive lean mass.

Why is it healthy?
It is healthy because it helps your body replenish normal levels of serotonin and there are no negative side effects.

Is it hard?
It is relatively easy and comfortable because there is no unwanted hunger.

What is the likelihood of success?
90% of participants achieve their ideal weight within 9 months.

Why does it work?
It works because:

  • It eliminates unwanted hunger.
  • A proprietary software program gives you complete visibility of how you are doing at all times.
  • Check in visits keep you motivated.

What part does exercise play in the program?
Exercise is healthy for many reasons. Successful weight loss, however, depends upon managing caloric consumption. Though we usually recommend exercise, it is not required for success in the program.

Will the program require me to eat food that does not appeal to me?
Eating behavior and choice of food is very important for keeping weight off when not on this program and for your health in general but weight loss is based more simply upon quantity control. Your program includes diet tracking, management, and education to help you make wise choices now and in the future but you retain the freedom to select what you want to eat.

Is it expensive?
Net of food savings, the program is reasonably affordable for most people and well worth it when considering the health benefits and improvement in quality of life.

Why are other programs inferior?

  • Good for light to moderate weight loss.
  • Does not yield as high a difference between calories consumed and burned.
  • Caloric consumption often goes up with activity.
  • Difficult for moderately to severely overweight people to engage activity levels necessary for significant success. Because fat burn is slower, it takes longer and people drop out.

Good for light to moderate weight loss. Effectiveness is limited by hunger.

Stimulants (Herbal and Pharmaceutical):

  • Unhealthy side effects.
  • Do not yield as much difference between caloric consumption and use without dieting and hunger.
  • Pharmaceuticals are more expensive.

Pharmaceuticals Targeting Neurotransmitters:

  • Does not replenish neurotransmitters, only redistributes and consumes them. Yields short term success but worse off in long term.
  • More expensive.

Fat and Carbohydrate Uptake Inhibitors:

  • Interferes with healthy digestive function.
  • Potential for negative side effects.


Why should I work with Dr. Lawler?

Dr. Lawler trained directly under Dr. Hinz, the creator of the technology. She brings ten years experience with the weight program and perspective gained from a lifetime of experience in natural health care to her work.


Is there anything else?

Yes, because it replenishes serotonin, the supplements often help with other disorders caused by insufficient neurotransmitter reserves. Including depression, anxiety, headaches, insomnia, fibromyalgia, and many more.