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Alignment to God with essential oils I

Correcting Disease in the Physical Body

We completed the first class of the series this past Saturday. In this workshop, we focused on manifestations of physical illness. We began with a specific prayer to support our alignment with God. Then we worked with clearing many types of conditions including colds, allergies, autoimmune disease, and many other physical manifestation of imbalance. We learned how to clear it from the body/mind using condition specific bio energetic clearings and specific therapeutic grade essential oils in a state of prayer.

Here are some photos of the class:
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Note that the third and fourth photos depict participants moving their hands up and down while pressing palms together to stimulate a spinal reflex, an integral component to the clearing process.

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Alignment to God with essential oils II

Correcting Non-Resourceful Emotions and Shadow Archetypes

In Alignment to God II we focused on the mental emotional conditions underlying the development of most disease. We learned the states of non resourceful emotion and the most common shadow archetypes which can lead to unhappiness and disease. We also learned the positive emotions which lead to the release in the body/mind of positive healing endorphins. We implemented specific bio energetic clearings with prayer for these non resourceful states and shadow archetypes and introduced the therapeutic grade essential oils and blends which added blessings to our prayers.


Alignment to God with essential oils III

Aligning with God’s Grace for Healing

This workshop went behind physical ailments, thoughts, and emotions to address the frequency and health of the energy body, a foundational platform upon which our experience rests.

Participants acheived a profound prayer/meditative state. We learned a powerful exercise for clearing imbalance. We also experienced multiple visualizations and meditations designed to help balance and nourish our bio energetic fields. All exercises were accompanied by essential oils specifically selected by Dr. Pat to support our efforts.


Your Comments and Questions

We dedicate the following section to your comments and questions regarding this workshop. Whether you took our recent session or a previous one or even if you have yet to participate and have a question or two, connect with us about the workshop here.

How did you feel about the workshop?

Have you been able to use any of the clearings?

Would you like to share your results?

If you value your experience, please share the workshop with your friends.

ALIGNMENT III, Aligning with God’s Grace for Healing</strong></font><br /> In Alignment to God III we focus on the energy body frequency and its over all health. In this workshop we move into an even more profound prayer/meditative state in order to correct bioenergetic imbalances in our fields. I will teach specific bio energetic practices to help us balance and nourish our fields. As always we will align ourselves to God and our intention will be to remain within a state of grace supported by the essential oils for the duration of the presentation and the healing.


  1. You are so extraordinary!! Have faith in what and who you are and go forward with confidence.

    I miss you and the other class members already! If I do not see you at the clinic, remember the S’poiled in Oils Event, the first weekend in December. I should be presenting in some context so I will be able to see you again at that time. I look forward to that time together. Blessings to you!

  2. Hi Dr. Pat,

    Thank you so much for putting together these Alignment classes. I am loving them and learning so much.

    Question: My husband lost his sense of smell at the age of 9 yrs old. Can this ever be restored? Does he still get the full benefit of the essential oils even if he can smell it?


    • Hi Jennifer,
      It is wonderful that you are loving the Alignment classes and are excited to use the techniques! It means so much to me to have you appreciate the information and then actually use it. 🙂

      Your husband’s sense of smell has certainly been gone for a good many years. That said, it is not impossible for it to be returned once more. While inhaling the oils, he will benefit from the oil traveling from the Olfactory Bulb into the mid brain area, even if he does not “smell” it. I would encourage him to continue to inhale the oils.Helichrysum would be a wonderful oil to use to help him heal possible nflammation in the nerves and mucosa involved. It would be helpful, if a practitioner has not yet done so, to assess for cranial faults and nutrient deficiencies in his system which may be contributing to the condition. We can can assess for this at the clinic in examination.

      Good luck working with the oils and the technique and I will see you tomorrow for Alignment III! Dr Pat

  3. What a remarkable class we had this past Saturday! Much thanks to Adam and Bill for their help pulling it all together. Special thanks to Cynthia Moore for helping with set up, support during the class and afterward! I appreciate the help so very much.

    Make sure to post on this page any questions you have or experiences you would like to share. I will get back to you on your questions! 🙂 Dr Pat

  4. Dear Pat,

    Thank you for Alignment to God I experiences. I have been practicing and utilizing the handouts until they are doggy-eared!!!! (and it is only day three post-class). I feel a peace coming. Started logging my food intake, although has been mostly organically good over the past 12 years, this will show you when I come in for session what the body chemistry is doing. I also started walking my “mile” each morning. Clarity of mind and peace and moving forward with God’s Grace start each day. Wonderful oils. Incredible vibration. (Today is day two for the walks. The moon was lovely at 6:00 a.m. this morning!). All thanks be to God!

    Question. Is it better: To be saying the prayers with oils anointing before the walk, as I have been doing, or wait until after the walk?

    Love and light, Connie

    • Dear Connie,
      I believe you are “right on the mark” with saying the prayers with oils and anointing before your walk! It is such a good way to start the day.

      So glad you are practicing and utilizing the handouts. that’s what they are for! (You can always get a new copy if necessary!) I am also happy to hear of your very proactive lifestyle management. So good to take care of the vessel to the best of our ability…….:-) Dr Pat

  5. Dr Pat – Thank you so much for that session and for your emails, which motivated me to practice what I had learned.

    I was initially attracted to the session because of its spiritual integration (I am on a rather unique and intense spiritual journey) and I felt that the words you developed for us were very much in line with my personal beliefs.

    Initially, I worked on the ego and, if I remember correctly, meditated on my sofa using the words you provided us for about 2 hours. I was amazed I could do that! But I found it difficult to find or take the time to continue. Finally, after one of your follow-up emails, I started up again. Only this time I began to apply the meditation to my early morning runs. I had just begun running and needed more motivation to run more and walk less. I found that repeating the phrases while I ran helped take my focus off of my taxed breathing and tiredness, and I began to increase my running time significantly so that now I am running, most of the time, around 75-90% of my 2-3 mile jog. So I was able to accomplish two very important goals (I run or try to run 3x a week) and always find time to practice.

    I know the power of suggestion can be pretty amazing and I feel that I’ve made great progress in taming that wild ego! I take things less personally (big accomplishment!), am less likely to care about touting personal achievements – or care if someone else notices them. I’m certainly far from perfect, but much improved from my perspective.

    In the session you said you would be able to let us know how much more of the ego work we needed to accomplish. I’ve put in many hours, but have totally lost trac of how many. Any chance you can still give me some sense of my progress?

    Today, I began work on my authentic self and will continue to pursue that course for awhile.

    Thank you so much for your expertise and willingness to share this information in the format you provided us. Your program has been a God-send! And I love the essential oils – especially ‘Believe’.

    • Dear Bonnie,
      Thank you for your lovely story on your journey. It was wonderful for me to read.

      You have currently cleared about 90% of the ego. Congratulations, that is excellent. Good job!

  6. Two dates coming up which hold specific significance in terms of challenging the energetic field are September 23rd and October 17th. Both dates are challenging due to an asteroid influence which is creating magnetic disruption. The last date the orbit of the asteroid came close to earth was August 23rd, the date of the east coast earth quake. So through your prayers and meditations envision a grace-filled earth and atmosphere especially as we approach and enter these coming dates! May grace and blessings be yours!

  7. One of the most important actions we can currently take is to “hold the energetic field” of earth and our atmosphere. Like many individuals who are feeling extraordinary tension in their bodies during these times of transformation, the earth and atmosphere are also experiencing tensions. Use the meditation in Alignment III where we hold the earth and atmosphere in the loving grace and gentle hands of God . It is the final meditation on your hand out, just prior to the closing alignment prayer. If you did not take the class, but would like to take action as well, simply imagine the loving grace of God holding the earth and the atmosphere. Imagine all people and all living beings and the earth itself and the atmosphere held in that grace-filled embrace. By doing so together we can actually make a profound difference in the magnitude of earthquakes, hurricanes and other natural disasters which can tend to develop during this time of change. I have been meditating 3X daily, longer in the morning, and then short meditations over the lunch hour and at night. If many of us do this around the planet we have the potential to prevent many calamities. Even one five minute meditation has the power to positively effect outcome! May you walk in the grace of God!

  8. I have found two of the most important oils for me during these times are Sacred Frankincense and the blend Transformation from Young Living. I recall experiencing just a lot of energetic shifting the other day, even feeling a bit overwhelmed, and I got out the YL Sacred Frankincense, put a couple of drops in my palm and inhaled. The oil, along with the contemplation, mentioned just below, got my feet back on the ground with a wonderful sense of connection and clarity to God.

    I also have been regularly using YL Transformation Essential Oil blend at the clinic. One of the pathways in NMT which has been coming up a lot lately is Tension Transformation Pathway. This pathway comes up when people’s adrenal glands are becoming stressed. So since May, when we experienced the beginning of a pretty profound shift, I have been using this powerful blend of oils when we have completed the NMT pathway.

    I highly recommend both Sacred Frankincense and Transformation be used regularly during these times.

  9. One of the most important things to remember when testing or clearing yourself in the current energetic climate is that you must be in the clear. Incorrect responses can result if you do not take the time to do this. I have been using MRT for years and have not had to be so careful in the past to clear my field. Currently I have found that if I do not really take the time to clear my field, that errors can result! Use the new clearings for negative energy and confusion listed in the post of the same date, just below this one, and you will be able to tell the difference in the clarity of your testing. Let me know how you are doing.

  10. My! There certainly has been a lot of energy moving these past two weeks! And with it has come increasing pressure from negativity. Do your best to stay in the clear and not be pulled into such fields. Toward the end of July I shared a way of clearing that was very helpful at that time. An even more recent helpful contemplation when one is feeling pressure with negative energy is the following: I AM A CHILD OF GOD AND ALL ENERGIES WITHIN MY SOVEREIGN FIELD LOVE GOD or I AM OF GOD AND ALL ENERGIES WITHIN MY SOVEREIGN FIELD LOVE GOD.This is very powerful and negative energy tends to immediately leave.

  11. One of the challenges I notice with my clients is a tendency to breathe in a shallow manner. This type of breathing originates from a more tense or “sympathetic mode” state of mind. As part of our meditations, such as those practiced in Alignment III, breathing deeply and continuously helps us to not only achieve a deeper sense of relaxation, but according to Michael Brown, author of The Presence Process, we also release and integrate suppressed emotion. Another side benefit of this deep “parasympathetic mode” breathing is that our tissues benefit from the increased oxygen being taken into the body. Thomas Quackenbush, the author of Relearning to See, writes that the eyes and brain need high levels of oxygen to repair and to function at an optimal level. When we do not maintain proper levels of fresh air entering the body through our respiration our tissues suffer. So include some deep relaxed breathing in your meditation and gain the benefits of a deeper sense of relaxation and peace, allow the release and integration of suppressed emotion and nourish your tissues and cells with higher levels of oxygen.

  12. Within the past two months there has been a tremendous down load of spiritual energy. Some of us are being challenged with it physically and emotionally due to its intensity. For the first time in years I have had to do the Transformational Tension Pathway in Neuro Modulation Technique for many my clients coming to the office. I have not experienced a need to do this pathway for many years. So you may be quite challenged during this period of time as well.

    I heartily recommend that if you are not already doing so PLEASE spend some daily time in meditation/affirmation/prayer. You must do this to maintain homeostasis during this time of transformation. Also, with your time spent, you may want to utilize the YL blend called Transformation. It is exquisite and will help with this transition. I believe we can count on a continuing increase in energy to happen at certain intervals so get yourself into the routine, if you have not already done so, of meditation and prayer. This is wonderful when done in the morning when first rising. Those of you who have the Alignment III CD can also use one or more of those meditations to listen to during your morning meditations if you feel the CD could be helpful.

  13. Last week a friend shared a very powerful contemplation that can be thought/said during the day.

    The contemplation is, ” I am enjoying the search for feeling good for no apparent reason.”

    When you say it to yourself it is so uplifting. (En – joy – ing are we downloading joy?) I have found that it instantly places one into an aspect of our authentic self. If you took Alignment III you will recall The Authentic Self meditation that we learned to help deepen our connection to our True Self and God. The amazing thing about both the Authentic Self meditation and this contemplation that they both clear all negative energy and entities from our fields. So it is a very positive way to clear our fields while actually developing our capacity for Joy and alignment to God. Dr Pat 🙂

  14. I have been incorporating some of the Alignment III exercises with my daily meditation time and with a chakra breathing exercise that I do. It combines beautifully with my energy practices and the 21 day cleanse that I am doing at this time. A wonderful way to bring the some of the spiritual oils into my life at this time. I am also experimenting with different wording and other oils too- whatever shows up in guidance at the moment. TY for being the catalyst for such fun creativity and lightness- S

    • Thanks Susan!
      I have found that I am REALLY appreciating the YL oils that are part of the Alignment III clearings so very much. Even though I used them prior to teaching the classes again this Spring, I seem to be experiencing them on a whole different level. They seem to be particularly nourishing to my body/mind/spirit at this time. I am sure thankful to have them. I believe the field seems to be growing at a deeper and deeper level, perhaps due to the amazing energy of people. We all seem to be growing!

  15. It has been wonderful to hear the comments from various participants about how they are using information from the classes to either help a loved one, help themselves, or stories of very positive experiences from doing the global healing from Alignment III with Essential Oils. I know, for myself, the classes and your participation in them have inspired me in my own daily practice. It continues to grow and I am sure it is enhanced by the fact that many of you are out there, doing your practice, and influencing us all in a very positive way.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to post them on this page, and I will be happy to get back to you!

  16. Lois Nozari says

    Alignment III was the most profound class ever!!! Thank you so much for the CD – it will be on my I-pod tonight to carry with me everywhere. Your Best Work!!! Can’t thank you enough.

  17. Cheryl Kuenzel says

    Love this class! And am feeling so much more empowered! Just hope I continue to try to use this daily to get practice!

  18. Dawn Olson says

    So profound and eye-opening. I feel blessed to be a part of these workshops.

  19. Marlene Anderson says

    It was very informational and very interesting. Thank you so much!

  20. Susan Weum says

    Loved the Class! Such wonderful information and always love using the beautiful oils. Dr. Patricia always has such a lovely energy from which she teaches. It helps us all raise our vibration.

  21. Lois Nozari says

    Thought this was the best class I have attended in the organization and material presented. The flow of energy was wonderful and very healing.

    Thank you Dr. Pat for the information to take out into the world.

    Love, Lois

  22. Elizabeth Laliberte says

    Thank you for bringing this modality to those outside your practice and coming from a place of sharing globally.

    I would recommend this class series for anyone wanting to align with their higher self, purpose or calling. I am walking away a better human being loving who I am an why I’m here.

  23. Dawn Olson says

    Very Powerful!

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