Energy Layers Expanding!

As mentioned in a previous post, something unusual happened a number of months ago during a Koren Specific Technique (KST) Body with energy field surroundingsession with a client. I started to more directly experience the energy fields that surround our bodies. While using the assessment tool from KST, called the Occipital Drop, I found that an individual client needed an “adjustment” or correction of his/her energy field. These fields were found to be 12 inches in depth and radiating out from the body in layers.

This information, though surprising to me, was not new. We have all certainly heard of the body’s energy “aura” or as biologist Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, describes it, the morphic field. I have never been visually sensitive to these layers as some practitioners seem to be, but here was a client’s energy body indicating, through bioenergetic communication, a need for very specific therapeutic support. The client’s extended energy body was communicating with me. I found this phenomenon fascinating!

So Many Layers of Personal Energy!

Yesterday found me identifying an energy layer 17 layers out from a client’s physical body. This was astounding. If each layer is 12 inches in depth this means that this particular client either always had an energy body extending out 17 feet from the physical body or she is in the process of actually growing her energy body. Muscle Response Testing indicates that she is in the process of growing her energy body. If this is happening to numbers of people, as my clinical experience would indicate, then consider how we are really in closer and closer contact with everyone. Are we literally becoming one?

Are Your Energy Layers Disrupted?

Over the past few weeks I have found more and more of my spiritually-oriented clients requiring these corrections. Apparently during the past few weeks there has been an increasing number of “energy downloads” to the body. When this occurs it seems the energy body and the physical body may develop disruptions. If you feel you may be experiencing these downloads it is helpful to be checked for any physical and energetic imbalances and have them corrected. You will feel better.

Keep Your Energy Field in a Loving Place

Now that we are literally walking and talking in others’ energy fields do your very best to keep your whole self  in a loving, compassionate place. The state of your mind and energy is very directly impacting the energy and health of others.


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