Envision and the Prostitute

My patient used the phrase, “Golden Handcuffs.” She was referring to the effect the high level of salary paid to her by her employer had upon her life, how it trapped her and controlled her. She was in the grip of the shadow side of the prostitute archetype. She was employed by a company who needed someone who had a high level of skill in computer programming. That was her alright. And they were willing to pay really well for that skill. But the job had devolved from a more creative position to pure drudgery. The company was a good company but the job was killing her.

Playing the Role of a Prostitute Can Make You Sick

My patient REALLY disliked going into work. When she went to work she ultimately started to feel ill. She had become fatigued enough that her company was allowing her to work from home. Yet, she still could not feel free of the drudgery. One after another, she would “catch” what ever infection was going around, ultimately finding herself unable to work.

We had defined the problem during one of her sessions at the clinic. How far would she let her health go? How long would she trade it for the money? Did she really have to work at this point?

It’s Not Golden HandcuffsJust for Sex

When we think of a prostitute we most always associate it with sexual favors. But when it comes to the prostitute archetype it is much more common to find it in more subtle applications. We are afraid to leave a job, because it pays so well and we may not find another. So we stay. We fail to leave a friendship behind that is no longer serving us because we are afraid we may not find another friend. So we continue to spend time with that person even though our heart is no longer in the relationship.

An Antidote for the Prostitute

Carolyn Myss, in Sacred Contracts, describes four universal major archetypes which she believes everyone has to some extent: The Victim, The Prostitute, The Saboteur and The Wounded Child.

Several years back I used Muscle Response Testing to determine which therapeutic grade essential oil would be the best antidote for the shadow side of the prostitute archetype. Envision, a therapeutic grade blend from Young Living, tested as the best available.

When someone is struggling with this archetype I recommend Envision, used topically on the base of the skull, temples and over the heart, at least twice daily. It is a beautiful combination consisting of Sage, Geranium, Orange, Rose, Lavender and Spruce.

The Archetype Leaves the Shadow

Four weeks ago my patient gave notice at her job. And about two weeks ago she began to feel stronger and clearer. Her creative sense is starting to come in again and she is open to new possibilities. She has stopped catching infections. She is leaving the shadow of the prostitute archetype.

Find Your Vision with Envision

If you suspect you are sitting on the shadow side of the prostitute archetype begin your journey out of the shadow with Envision. Use it everyday. You may want to add the essential oil blend, Believe, as well, to strengthen your resolve. Like my patient, with strength and faith, you will take the steps that need to be taken. You and your body will be so happy you did!


About Dr. Pat

I am a practicing natural health care physician and educator committed to helping others overcome pain and suffering, restore function, and lead healthier, happier, longer, and more spiritually fulfilled lives.


  1. Fascinating article! I learned at this year’s annual essential oils convention that emotions get stored in our body’s cells (DNA/RNA) and that the oils can help cleanse us of those anchors that do not serve us! I also learned how important it is to use the essential oils of forgiveness and grounding in combination with the oils you have also recommended. Aren’t the oils amazing! I don’t know what I would do without them. 🙂

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