Rapidly Escalating Symptoms – What to Do

Sometimes, when it comes to a health challenge, the causative factor(s) can be so very clear. Other times it takes a bit of sleuthing. But when it is clear, magic happens.

The other day I saw a patient who has gone through so very much. She lost her husband during the year to a long term illness, and then found herself needing to help take care of his business which was now short one partner. The grief of the loss plus the challenges of attempting to step into what had become a very dysfunctional business operation, with several partners, threw her completely off her guard.

Escalating Symptoms

She came into our clinic suffering with insomnia, anxiety, hypersensitivity to sounds, sinus headache, and difficulties with breathing. She was fearful at times that she was going to have a heart attack. She also had suddenly worsening allergy symptoms. This is a woman who is ordinarily very healthy and strong, spiritually and physically.  She had been taking her supplements, eating well, and using her essential oils. These symptoms had come on very quickly over the past three weeks.

Get Above the Trees

Getting Above the TreesWhenever you are just not yourself, and are wondering what is happening to your mind and body, with rapidly escalating symptoms, you need to get “above the trees,” and see the big picture. Sometimes you need someone else to help you do that.


Initial Assessment

Knowing how solid and strong this woman typically is, my first test was to use MRT (Muscle Response Testing) to see if her energetic field was clear, the first step in seeing the big picture.

When I tested, her field was definitely not in the clear. Two disturbances, which often go together, were present: (1) She had unconscious persistent neuronal synaptic patterns which were blocking information and (2) MRT also indicated that she had what I call bad angels, or negative entities, in her auric field. Yes, this does happen! When negative entities are in our field they magnify and exaggerate ANY imbalances we currently have and we often experience a concurrent sense of anxiety and foreboding. We may also experience a sense of feeling as if we are “under water” or not sensing clearly.

Taking Action

Given this information our first step was to clear the synaptic patterns that were blocking information. We then cleared the negative entities (in God’s Name). The essential oil, White Angelica (Young Living) was also utilized in this clearing. Once we had her field in the clear all kinds of information became very evident as to what needed to be corrected. We took an important step and corrected an SI joint instability (Category 2, SOT) which was contributing not only to joint pain, but to an emotional sense of feeling “overwhelmed.”

She agreed to be seen again, the following day, to continue correcting the structural imbalances (KST) as well as the multiple energy pathways (Neuro Modulation Technique, NMT) that were disrupted. She was also given the procedure to help her continue to clear negative entities on her own at home. She was also encouraged to use an essential oil blend  as support for anxiety.

On the Right Path

When she returned the following day she reported that she was feeling 85% better! She felt more like her old self. She had slept like a log, her sinus headache disappeared, and the anxiety was completely gone. She no longer felt she was going to have a heart attack. Of eight bio energetic pathways (Neuro Modulation Technique) determined to be disrupted the day before, she had already spontaneously corrected four of them. We treated her for both her remaining structural imbalances and bio energetic pathways.

Next Step

Since the client lives a distance away we decided she would come back one more time the following week prior to returning to her home state. We are both confident that she will be able to maintain a much stronger stance amidst her grief, AND the challenges she faces concerning the resolution of the business issues with her husband’s business partners.

Trust Your Intuition

This patient’s symptoms had been frightening. Friends had suggested she may need an antidepressant; another clinician suggested cortisol for a stressed adrenal system. Both recommendations were reasonable considering her symptoms. But she did not “feel right” about either path. She felt something else was going on. She was right.

Always trust your inner Guidance, and get “above the trees,” to see the big picture. When you do, there is often a much more effortless path, a path where one or maybe just two steps create a profound change.

About Dr. Pat

I am a practicing natural health care physician and educator committed to helping others overcome pain and suffering, restore function, and lead healthier, happier, longer, and more spiritually fulfilled lives.

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