Guidance at Your Fingertips (Community)

Just in case you’d like to see what goes on in this workshop, here are some impressions from our recent class.

Attendees rated their experience on several markers. On average they scored it a 4.6 on a one through five scale. With five being the best. We are glad that they have given us something to shoot for.

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Some comments left by workshop participants:

“Loved the class. I feel it was helpful in encouraging personal empowerment. Great! Great!! Thank You! Have enjoyed all things I have heard and learned.”

Sandra Jaworski

I absolutely loved the class and especially appreciate your teaching style. I also really enjoyed the energy present within the class too! The information was incredibly valuable and, yes, I have started using MRT! I actually had a massage client earlier today and I used MRT to see which oil blend I should use with this client. I have several pre-made oils with various Young Living oils added to my base oil, i.e., one for energizing, one for relaxation, etc. The MRT worked marvelously and took the guesswork out of the equation. This will only feel more natural as time goes on and I use it more and more. Thank you!

Ken Rogers

Patricia, I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge and really creating a space where we have heart centered relationships formed within your Guidance at Your Fingertips class. I have used MRT since 2004 and am always looking to improve my skills and you definitely were the one to seek out. I value your expertise in energy medicine and look forward to the Alignment I, II and III classes to further my education and to be able to share this with others. You have a great spirit and I am grateful for being in the presence of it.

Elizabeth Laliberte

“Good opportunity to learn how to connect with personal intuition and tap into greater knowledge of self.”

Catherine Guertin

“I am very much looking forward to practicing MRT.”

Rick McGehran

“Really informative. Can’t wait to put it to use.”

Katie Blake

“It was my first class with Dr. Pat and I will be attending more.”

Deb Zenk

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Has the skill helped you? If so, how?

Has it surprised you or taken you in any unexpected directions?

How do you feel about the Guidance?

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  1. IMPORTANT UP DATE: Everyone should be only using statements for information about Self during this time. No longer use questions or quires for your Self. You may use questions or quires when obtaining info on others.

    EXAMPLE: “This apple is good for me to eat.” Do not use “Is this apple good for me to eat?”

  2. If you just took the Guidance at Your Finger Tips workshop one week ago, or took it previously, this is the place to post your questions and comments. I also update any new information relative to MRT on this page as well.

    I have heard some great stories on how some of you are already using your new skills, practically as soon as you walked out the door after the training. Way to go! Keep practicing at least 5 minutes per day!

  3. There is no doubt that energies are continuing to intensify as we go into the autumn. If you are experiencing challenges with your Muscle Testing, as some are, simplify your testing to “statements” only. In other words, let go of the questioning for yes or no. I will give you an example. As we practiced in class, we could say, “This apple is good for me.” When we test this statement with finger testing, or other technique, if the apple IS good for us, the muscle test should stay strong. If not it should go weak. Now, when we asked the question, ” Is this apple good for me?” the yes response occurs with the muscle test letting go or “opening.” If you are having trouble with consistency in your results stick to the statements only instead of working with questions. There is something occurring right now in the energetic field which is causing a disruption. I have not seen this happen before. For my own practice, when this disruption is occurring, I visualize Christ in my field, then use the statement instead of a question. This seems to clarify the issue and give an accurate result. I hope this is helpful!

  4. Here is an update for you if you are doing MRT or any other intuitive testing. The energetic field is quite intense right now and confusion can occur. One of the easiest ways to clear your field prior to testing at this time is to say the following: I AM A CHILD OF GOD AND ALL ENERGIES WITHIN MY SOVEREIGN FIELD LOVE GOD or I AM OF GOD AND ALL ENERGIES WITHIN MY SOVEREIGN FIELD LOVE GOD. Check it out! You should feel/experience an immediate clearing of your field. Then you can go ahead and test!

  5. During a session with a client the other day we recognized that certain emotions had been experienced by her over the weekend which she had not interpreted correctly. She assumed that she was all out of balance and that it was due to some kind of hormonal shift. Once we used MRT to assess as to what had transpired, we realized that there was actually something quite positive which had occurred but had been interpreted as more negative or as a hormone disruption.

    This is such an important example of how we can use MRT to assess what we are experiencing on a daily basis. Many who use MRT do so to see if they should take a vitamin, or use a certain essential oil. But it is also so important to assess what you are experiencing if it seems to be throwing you out of balance. For example: If you are very fatigued, after clearing your field (see the new suggestion under the Alignment III Community Page which I posted on this date July 21st, 2011) use MRT to see how fatigued your body is. You also can test to see if it is only your mind which is fatigued. Check your level of fatigue by asking if it is MILD, MODERATE OR SEVERE. This is so helpful. Also check to see if you are fatigued for a PHYSICAL reason or a SPIRITUAL reason. You may not realize that fatigue can come as your body adjusts to a higher level of spiritual calibration. If you took the Alignment Series you can actually treat yourself if the cause if a physical one. Often, it can be a combination such as 50% spiritual and 50% physical (infection, low hormone, allergy, etc.) If your fatigue is coming out of a spiritual calibration increase do the following: MILD – go about your day but do not add more activities, MODERATE – You may continue your day but take it easy and get home and rest ASAP SEVERE – Get home to rest ASAP. DON’T WORRY YOU WILL FEEL BETTER.

    So remember to use your MRT to really help you navigate these times of transformation. Dr Pat 🙂

  6. I hope you are practicing! Developing the skill definitely takes practice.

    Remember to get “in the clear,” and then practice some “known” questions. If your response does not make sense for “known” questions, then do the Thymic Thump (Thump or Tap just above the heart 3X) and make sure you are clear of negative entities. Then, try again.

    If you have any questions make sure to post them on this page under comments and I will get back to you!

  7. Cheryl Mairs says

    It is exciting to be able to get clear answers to questions and concerns. For those who want to develop skills with the goal of helping others it is tremendously valuable!

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