Toilet Training and the Unconscious Mind

One of our long time clients brought her little guy in yesterday for a bio energetic session concerning toilet training. He was having very good success with urinating in the toilet, but refused to use the toilet for his bowel movements. So Mom thought she would bring him in to see if we could shift his perspective and have better success.

All Heck Breaks Loose

The session was a REALLY wild one, with Mom somewhat having to hold her ground with what was allowable for him to do during the treatment. She was admirable in sticking to her rules but the little guy was doing the best he could to break them despite our best attempts with the essential oil blend, Peace & Calming, and then Lavender. Why weren’t the oils working to calm him? Meanwhile, in the midst of the fun and mayhem, I continued to treat bio energetically. With little stuffed animals and other items actually flying around the room it was an intense 15 minutes!


Today, Mom got back to me and reported that right after being put to bed last night the little guy said he had to go poop. She assumed he had had an accident, and although fatigued and frustrated, she said something to the effect of, “Okay, let’s go get you cleaned up, buddy.” He adamantly replied, “No! Poop on toilet!” She took him to the bathroom and behold! Clean jammies! He proceeded to have a good elimination into the toilet and was ever so proud! Mom was pretty proud too.

Children and Unconscious Issues

For some reason we don’t always think of unconscious issues when it comes to children and potty training. But they often have fears and anxieties around losing something of their own (the BM), the noise of the toilet flushing or some other issue of which we may not be aware. If we can identify the issue, with Muscle Response Testing, and “clear” the issue energetically, (I use Neuro Modulation Technique), most often the results are immediate.

What Actually Happened During the Session Yesterday

On hearing of the rapid response today to the treatment I realized why it was such a wild session. That little guy was doing a lot of unconscious clearing from the NMT. On some level he was aware of that change, and actually acting out that change, and the essential oils were supporting and releasing what needed to change within his unconscious mind. His behavior was the only way he could express what he was experiencing. Incredible.

If your child is having trouble with potty training consider having bio energetic treatment with the support of essential oils. It truly can make a difference!

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