Extra Fat Tranforms Testosterone to Estradiol


It is so important for men to keep their weight within optimal ranges as they age. Many aging males experience decreased testosterone levels, now associated with declining health. Typical symptoms include decreasing vigor, loss of muscle strength and power, decreased bone density, depression, erectile dysfunction, thinning skin, and decreased concentration and cognitive performance. They will face further risk if they are over weight. The presence of excessive fat in the body increases the activity of the enzyme aromatase which promotes the conversion of testosterone to estradiol (yes, an estrogen). Such conversion leads to worsening of health and swelling of the prostate gland, and in some men, the development of breast tissue. Often, with actual obesity, Type 2 diabetes may ensue, complicating the picture. Insulin resistance increases inflammatory activity and pain in the body, and compromises cardiovascular health.

Don’t Let it Happen to You

If you are beginning to put weight on, and are over 30 years of age, commit to getting your weight to an optimal level this year. Find an exercise program that can work for you since a well designed exercise program can help as well by creating better balance in the endocrine system. You will “turn off” the excessive estrogenic effects of aromatase enzyme and feel a whole lot better.

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