Oh My Gosh Awful to Extraordinary

A couple of weeks ago  I saw a young woman who has turned out to be pretty inspiring. She was typical of those members of the younger generation who have fallen into the trap of advertising and are consuming the non foods so prevalent in our country.

She came into the clinic because she had developed a pretty uncomfortable symptom as part of a gradually deteriorating health condition.  When, during the examination, we identified that she was gluten and dairy sensitive her heart dropped. They were some of her favorite foods. In addition to the dairy and gluten sensitivity her diet was loaded with sugar and chemically laden, genetically modified foods.  It was one of the worst diets I had seen in a good while. Her diet was going to take a lot of work! But, her will was strong and she was willing to do what it would take.

I just saw her back this week and she has already taken some amazing steps. She is majorly off all dairy and gluten and is gradually cleaning up the rest of her diet. She reported that she was already feeling significantly better. She is sleeping better, is having daily bowel movements (hurray!), has more energy, and her main complaint is rapidly improving as well. She did all this prior to our report of findings and treatment plans!

It is extraordinary that as we become addicted to such poor food we lose our awareness of its link to our toxic symptoms. We then look to western medicine to patch us up, instead of going back and identifying the most obvious solution: eliminating the toxic food and beverages.

This young woman knew in her heart that she needed to make a big change and did it. Her example is an inspiration to us all. Her story teaches us that if a person has a good attitude (she does), has a rotten diet (she did) but is willing to make the changes, miracles happen. If you find yourself eating poorly yet you still have a positive attitude know you can make a profound shift in your health by taking the steps toward a healthier diet as this young woman has done!


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