Reflections on Nutmeg essential oil

While enjoying the fragrance of therapeutic grade essential oils, have you ever suddenly become aware of one of them calling out to you in such a fashion that you simply could not get enough of that particular oil? I bet this very moment you are shaking your head, “Yes!” So many of us have had this wonderful experience. From Frankincense to Helichrysum,  to Roman Chamomile to Copaiba, I have often experienced a “need” for a specific oil. Three weeks ago Nutmeg seemed to call out to me. As with the other oils I felt a delicious  attraction to the scent of the oil and began to carry it in my bag for use several times throughout the day.

Innate Wisdom – Human or Plant?

I have pondered this phenomena quite often as of late. Is it the wisdom of the oil calling out to us? Or, is it our own Innate Intelligence, God Within if you will, gently (well, most of the time) encouraging us to take advantage of something which is dearly needed in our cells for repair and rejuvenation? I believe both are occurring in a loving sacred dance between plant and human biochemistry. I believe every living thing is here on this planet to be in service to the Divine. The fragrance of the most active components of the plant wafts through the air to a very appreciative human nostril with its connection to a spectacular olfactory bulb. “Can I be helpful to you today?” the plant seems to ask. But our response is not just an experience of “smelling” and enjoyment of the odor of a group of compounds emitting from the essential oil of the plant. Like you, I have experienced, after intensely utilizing a specific oil for a period of time, that my Innate Intelligence senses when I am “replete.” Or, that I no longer need the higher levels of specific compounds in the chosen oil. Then, I will no longer experience the delicious attraction of the oil which I had previously felt, and it is returned for the time being to its special place on the shelf and no longer travels with me daily. The Innate Intelligence Within seems to know exactly when we have had enough and are ready to move on! It is pretty miraculous!

Mysterious Magical Compounds Greet the Human Nose

So with Nutmeg my Innate Intelligence Within had identified a need for a number of compounds called monoterpenes. Six of the seven main active compounds in nutmeg are monoterpenes. Monoterpenes are found in most oils and they play very important roles. It is interesting that monoterpenes generally do not majorly contribute to the scent of the oil. So in non therapeutic grade oils and perfumes monoterpenes may be removed. Yet they play very important roles therapeutically by helping to establish correct DNA expression and support the therapeutic talents of other components. These compounds also help to reduce any potential toxic effects of other stronger compounds in the oil. So my Innate is happy to have them there!

But my olfactory bulb was looking for a special phenol in Nutmeg, called Myristicine, to elicit that delicious intoxicating response.  Phenols are important compounds which, along with another type of compound called Sesquiterpenes, carry the scent or odor of the plant. But phenols also fight infections and cleanse receptor sites in our body’s physiology. Far from being just a pretty scent these compounds are performing very important actions for us all!

Special Support for Stressed Adrenal Glands

Many of us are currently being attracted to Nutmeg because of its adrenal cortex-like activity which helps us support our adrenal glands for additional energy, much needed during these special times. Nutmeg may help us avoid adrenal fatigue when the going gets a bit challenging. Whether its the monoterpenes or the phenols in Nutmeg the beautiful fragrance of Nutmeg elicited a powerful response from my brain drawing me to the oil for more intensive use. My adrenal glands are very thankful for the dance between my Innate Intelligence and the incredible Innate Wisdom of the healing oils of the nutmeg tree! You may  want to consider the warm and gently spicy, energizing nutmeg oil to support your health as we head into the autumn season.


About Dr. Pat

I am a practicing natural health care physician and educator committed to helping others overcome pain and suffering, restore function, and lead healthier, happier, longer, and more spiritually fulfilled lives.


  1. Hi. When should i apply the nutmeg oil on mt adrenal glands? In the morning. Will at night keep me up. I bought some but confused when i should apply it. I also have insomnia, waking up many times in the middle of the night.

    • Every oil can have a somewhat different response with each person. Nutmeg is not known to be particularly stimulating, but given your history, it would probably be best to use it earlier in the day.

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