Video Picks: Toxic Chemicals and GMO – Good Reasons to Eat Organic

Consuming foods laden with toxic chemicals and those grown from GMO seeds seriously threaten our health much more than we previously believed. Here are three videos that will help you understand why it is critically important for you, your family members and your pets to avoid these two types of “non” foods. poison apple


Genetic Roulette

Video no longer freely available to public on YouTube. Look for it through commercial channels and post where others might find it in the comments section below. This is an excellent full length documentary recently released by Jeffrey Smith,  discussing the risks of GMO crops. Farmers and scientists relate shocking news regarding the effects of crops grown with GMO seeds on the health of the environment, livestock and human beings. The FDA’s lack of response to these concerns is also discussed.Note: Viewing is free of charge only until October 31st, 2012.

An Interview With a Former Biotech Farmer

In this short video a former biotech farmer from Iowa describes the heart breaking consequences of feeding his livestock with feed consisting of GMO corn. He also relates that a scientist employed by the state with whom he had previously discussed his livestock problems was forbidden by his superior to discuss the matter further under threat of losing his job.

Toxic Chemicals Found in Sweet Potatoes

In this short video a young girl’s simple school project unknowingly takes her into the world of toxic chemicals used on vegetables, such as sweet potatoes, to prevent “sprouting” at the grocery stores shelves.


Making Changes

I hope the little girl and her sweet potatoes and the many other people interviewed in these films have convinced you that, if your goal is to have a healthy body and mind, you can no longer ignore these issues. For the sake of your future, I encourage you to do your best to make organic non GMO foods your way of life.


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I am a practicing natural health care physician and educator committed to helping others overcome pain and suffering, restore function, and lead healthier, happier, longer, and more spiritually fulfilled lives.


  1. The producers of the video above, Genetic Roulette,have just extended the deadline through the election, November 6th. So you still have an opportunity to watch this video free of charge if you thought you missed the deadline! 🙂

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