Straightening Scoliosis With Chiropractic and Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

GREAT NEWS for children and adults with scoliosis! Here is the story. One of my patients, a 12 year old female isĀ  a wonderful, active, young person. She came in yesterday with her Mom and Sister. We have been treating her for scoliosis Since December of 2012.   A Diagnosis is Made This young person […]

Is Mercola Right to Embrace Coffee?

It is true, as Dr. Mercola cites, that there is significant research demonstrating the benefits of coffee to our health. Personally though, I still have reservations about recommending it to you for health reasons, particularly if you are a woman. Why? I have seen too many of my female patients resolve chronic conditions, most commonly […]

From Breast Cancer to ADHD to Thyroid Disease – Discovering and Correcting the Hidden Link

The Hidden Link Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Prostate Cancer, ADHD, Skin Disease and Thyroid Disease often share a very interesting and frequently overlooked condition. All of these serious health challenges have been associated with poor iodine status. 1 Does this surprise you? It did me.   Iodine Levels Affect Many Tissue Types Although low iodine […]

Baby Benefits

When one of our patients brought in her little baby boy for colic he was so miserable no one was getting any sleep. Mom hoped to relieve baby’s distress as well as she and her husband’s! We assessed the little guy and found several bio energetic imbalances. We treated him and sent both home cautioning […]

Aligning Body and Spirit

Our friend and client sent us this testimonial about her success with our Advanced Alignment Classes and our spiritual approach: Since 1986, I have been a patient of Dr. Patricia Lawler, DC, and will continue to seek her innovative holistic approach to healing our bodies, healing ourselves. Throughout these past decades Dr. Lawler has adopted […]

All Things are Possible

“Knowing how powerful thoughts and intentions are was an awakening for me.And to think that I can affect all living things globally was truly a revelation.” I recently received correspondence from one of my patients that started off with those two beautiful sentences. I just had to share it with you since it’s so delightful […]

Discover Your True Health!

When you are healthy, your body is fit and well functioning, your mind is inquisitive and sharp, your life is long, your heart is full, and you are in tune with spirit. When you are not, you may experience pain, disease, unhappiness, or misery. Your health is a window opening upon the life force radiating […]